Luxurious skin conditioner - caring body butter

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Luxurious skin conditioner - caring body butter
A divine caring body butter that pampers and softens the skin. It brings a feeling of luxury, and thanks to its scent, you will be transported to a top spa, whether you are at home in the bathroom or by the pond. Get ready for a good dose of pampering!More information
Ingredients for this recipe32g of tea tree oil30g of illipe butter20g of jojoba butter10g of BTMS emulsifier4g of cetyl alcohol1g of berry wax1g of sericite mica powder1g of vitamin E0.2g of grapefruit essential oil0.15g of ylang ylang essential oil0.15g of eucalyptus essential oil120 ml glass container for cream glass
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The base of the skin conditioner is decadent illipe butter, which is a bit like cocoa butter and a bit like shea butter, but it's different. It makes the skin supple, treated and hydrated, it is great for dry or damaged skin and is excellent for the summer season, as it relieves the symptoms of sunburn and restores the necessary elasticity to dry "paper" skin. Illipe butter will be supplemented with jojoba butter , with which it forms a great duo. Jojoba butter not only adds additional benefits, but also blends well with essential oils and fragrances, making it a great base for blending.

We call the body butter a skin conditioner for the use of the great BTMS emulsifier , whose super-ability is to smooth hair or skin. It can do this because of its positive charge, which ensures exactly what we want after a conditioner = to soften everything and get rid of "tangling". BTMS from a classic body butter really creates a product with an absolutely wonderful effect and feeling on the skin, try it yourself and you will understand. In addition, BTMS will bring the possibility of using the product directly after a bath on wet skin – the butter self-emulsifies with water on the skin and becomes a body lotion. Magic happening before your own eyes and on your own skin.

We'll also add luxurious camellia oil (tea tree oil), which is definitely good to have at home - and it's not expensive for how much it can do, so your wallet will be happy too. It's absolutely fabulous, versatile and unfortunately a bit underappreciated. It is popularly used by Japanese geishas and women in China for their skin, and with its help they maintain beautiful skin and hair. We classify it as lighter oils, it is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it silky soft and supple without unpleasant greasiness.

Silk cetyl alcohol thickens everything slightly and brings richness and suppleness. We also added berry wax to the formulation, a Japanese berry-like wax that turns the butter into a denser solid product that does not spill, but melts and melts beautifully on hot skin. This is ideal for summer days and for travelling. You can leave out the berry wax if you want a less stiff product and replace it with jojoba butter and the result will also be wonderful.

The scent, which transports you to the tranquility of a luxurious spa, hides ylang ylang , eucalyptus and grapefruit . Mmm, beautiful!

How to do it?

We heat up

- 32 grams of tea tree oil

- 30 grams of illipe butter

- 20 grams of jojoba butter

- 10 grams of BTMS emulsifier

- 4 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 1 gram of berry wax

Mix while cooling

- 1 gram of sericite mica powder

- 1 gram of vitamin E

- 0.2 grams of grapefruit essential oil

- 0.15 grams of ylang ylang essential oil

- 0.15 grams of eucalyptus essential oil

Recommended packaging

- 120 ml glass container for cream glass with an aluminum lid

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and let it heat on the stove on a low to medium level.

Weigh out everything from the hot phase = oil, butters, emulsifier, cetyl alcohol and wax if using into a heatproof container. Then place the container in a water bath and wait for everything to dissolve.

At the time when everything is melting, prepare an ice bath - put a few ice cubes in a bowl that can fit the container containing the heated phase and pour cold water over them.

When all the ingredients are dissolved and the mixture is smooth and liquid, remove the container from the hot water bath, add the mica, mix and transfer it to the ice bath. The mixture must be constantly stirred and the rapidly cooling mixture must be wiped well from the walls of the container. Add essential oils and vitamin E to the cooling mixture. As soon as everything is white, beautifully creamy and forming a so-called trail (a trail on a wooden spoon, like when you cook pudding and it's just about ready), remove the container from the ice bath and pour it into the container, perhaps in a beautiful glass jar with a golden lid.

When you have reached the desired butter shape, remove the container from the ice bath and leave the mixture in it to harden at room temperature for at least an hour or two.

How to use it?

The skin conditioner can be used as a classic body butter, i.e. massage it into dry skin, but it is also very pleasant to use directly in the shower or after a bath on wet skin.

Raw materials
32g of tea tree oil
30g of illipe butter
20g of jojoba butter
10g of BTMS emulsifier
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
4g of cetyl alcohol
1g of sericite mica powder
1g of vitamin E
0.2g of grapefruit essential oil
Grapefruit, 10 ml

Grapefruit, 10 ml

2,77 EUR
0.15g of ylang ylang essential oil
0.15g of eucalyptus essential oil
120 ml glass container for cream glass
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