Ice Candle - Blue Lagoon

30 min
Ice Candle - Blue Lagoon
A spectacular ice candle made using ice cubes. More information
Ingredients for this recipePalm waxWickYlang ylang essential oilCandle color
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You will need frozen ice cubes to make this candle.

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You can use a professional mold to make this candle, or let your imagination run wild and choose a mold from home supplies.

The wick must first be fixed in the mold. If you have a professional mold, just pull the wick through the prepared hole and place the plate on the wick from below. If you are going to make a mold, first make a hole in it, pull the wick through it and place the plate under the wick. Melt the wax in a water bath. Before the wax melts, fasten the wick in the mold and at the top, tie it to a stick or stick. Once you have the wick attached, pour ice cubes into the mold.

As soon as we have poured in the ice cubes (about 1/3 of the mold), we go to the wax. We can add a suitable dye or fragrance to the melted wax. As a fragrance, we can use essential oils or various fragrances as desired.

Pour the dissolved, colored and scented wax into the mold. The ice cubes will start to melt under the warm wax, wait a while and as soon as the wax hardens a little so that it is no longer possible to turn it out of the mold, pour the dissolved water out of the mold. Place the mold in a bowl, turn it upside down and let the water drain.

After the wax hardens, the candle is tipped out. So remove the tin plate and free the candle from the paper packaging. The ice cubes gave us a very beautiful and unusual effect on the candle.

Palm wax,691(1);Wick,692(1);Ylang ylang essential oil,693(1),Candle color,694(1)


Raw materials
Palm wax
Palm wax, 500 g

Palm wax, 500 g

3,40 EUR
Ylang ylang essential oil
Candle color
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