Hydrating Facial Refreshing Mist & Makeup Fixer with Aloe Vera and Elf - How to make?

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Hydrating Facial Refreshing Mist &  Makeup Fixer with Aloe Vera and Elf - How to make?
A simple recipe for an effective hydrating, regenerating and refreshing face mist that works as a make-up fixing spray. The composition is adjusted for all skin types - problematic, mixed, sensitive and mature.More information
Ingredients for this recipe12g of ready-made "juice" from aloe vera concentrate 200:110.4g of aloe vera hydrolate3g of Fucocert2g of aloe vera extract1.5g of witch hazel extract0.6g of vegetable glycerin0.5g of Leucidal
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Face and skin sprays definitely deserve more attention than they get. They really are an instant miracle in a bottle. This spray with aloe vera and witch hazel visibly refreshes, hydrates and softens the skin, while also protecting and preventing the appearance of pimples or fine wrinkles.

It is also great as a fixing spray for make-up, and not only after it has been applied - you must have also noticed that the just finished make-up sometimes looks too matte and powdery and literally shouts "yes, it's make-up" to those around you. Such a look will make dusting with mist look fresher and more natural in a flash. In addition, a few sprays will significantly extend the life of the make-up.

The mist is also very pleasant during the day - thanks to it, the make-up becomes more juicy and radiant. However, it is definitely not necessary to use the spray only on finished make-up. It is packed with active substances that will delight and refresh the skin at any time. I myself also use it in the evening before going to bed after applying the oil serum - it accelerates its absorption and provides hydration to the skin.

We create the base of the spray with distilled water and flower water or hydrolate. I reached for the popular elf, which benefits problematic skin, oily or combination skin prone to acne. But the type can be changed and selected for your skin type.

The healing power will be provided by aloe vera - a 200:1 concentrate mixed in distilled water. This will give us an absolutely wonderful aloe vera "juice or juice". The classic aloe vera gel in this recipe will not be the right one, the density and viscosity would have an unpleasant effect on the entire product, so we advise you to reach for the concentrate and mix the juice. Aloe vera heals, hydrates, softens and has an anti-inflammatory effect. We therefore add aloe vera macerate loaded with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and other active substances to the mixed aloe vera juice, which the skin is visibly excited about.

We already talked about the elf. It is one of the best tonics for problematic, mixed or oily skin. We will also use it in the form of elf macerate. Witch hazel tightens pores, soothes irritation and cleanses at the same time. Fucocert is a healing and super hydrating power. Fucocert is a natural polysaccharide with effects similar to hyaluronic acid. It moisturizes the skin for a very long time and provides unsurpassed skin protection against environmental influences. It helps to fight against aging of the skin, keeping it radiant, fresh and flexible. It is also great for sensitive or problematic skin, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves irritation. Finish mixing with a drop of the sympathetic preservative Leucidalu made from radishes. Leucidal ensures the durability of the finished mist and prevents the formation of bacteria without irritating the skin. Even the most sensitive tolerates it very well.

Ok lets go? :)

What does it take?


- 24 grams of distilled water

- 12 grams of ready-made "juice" from aloe vera concentrate 200:1

- 10.4 grams of aloe vera hydrolate

- 3 grams of Fucocert

- 2 grams of aloe vera extract

- 1.5 grams of witch hazel extract

- 0.6 grams of vegetable glycerin

- 0.5 grams of Leucidal

How to do it?

First, prepare aloe vera juice from concentrate in the ratio of 0.5% concentrate 200:1 + 0.5% preservative (Leucidal) and 99% distilled water. In practice, this can look like mixing 100 grams of juice from 0.5 grams of powdered concentrate, 0.5 grams of preservative and 99 grams of distilled water into your stock. We then store the juice in the refrigerator and take the necessary amount from it.

Then simply weigh all the ingredients into the prepared bottle. Shake well.

The finished mist does not need to be stored in the refrigerator. In the summer, however, using a cool mist on a hot face is very pleasant, so we advise you to try the refrigerator. :)

What to put it in?

Pour the specified amount into 60 ml spray bottles. Take a look at this one.

How to use it?

Shake the mist and spray on the face (with eyes closed) after finishing makeup, anytime during the day or before bed.

PS: Please excuse the slightly confusing coffee essential oil that wandered into our photo! :)

Raw materials
12g of ready-made "juice" from aloe vera concentrate 200:1
10.4g of aloe vera hydrolate
3g of Fucocert
Fucocert, 30 ml

Fucocert, 30 ml

2,59 EUR
2g of aloe vera extract
1.5g of witch hazel extract
0.6g of vegetable glycerin
0.5g of Leucidal
Leucidal, 30 ml

Leucidal, 30 ml

10,58 EUR
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