How to remove make-up in a way that is gentle on yourself and nature?

How to remove make-up in a way that is gentle on yourself and nature? tips for homemade make-up removers that you can make cheaply and easily. Would you like a cleansing gel, wet wipes or make-up remover balm?More information
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5 tips for homemade makeup removers

When we already make homemade natural make-up and other decorative cosmetics , it is quite natural to remove make-up with homemade products that are friendly to nature.

Plus, removing makeup the natural way is easy, cheap and fun! There is plenty of room for imagination and the production of a make-up remover that will suit your skin exactly.

The best natural skin helpers for removing make-up

We have many options to clean the skin of make-up without using unnecessary chemicals and irritating products! These recipes are great even if you don't wear make-up, but still want to rid your skin of impurities after a long day and protect it from breakouts or breakouts.


And we're talking about oils again, you can really do anything with them! We already talked about this in the article with tips on the best cosmetic oils or in the one about eco-friendly oil favorites that you can use both in the kitchen and in the production of cosmetics. Removing make-up using oils is the easiest option. But in this case, simple does not mean less effective. Although it may seem unbelievable, oils are suitable for all skin types, even oily ones. You just have to know which one to choose and find out what suits your skin. Popular makeup remover oils are olive oil and castor oil . Many people also do not tolerate coconut oil , but for some, the almighty coconut oil can cause breakouts. Other oils will also do a great job, try safflower , avocado , sunflower , or hazelnut oil . Don't be afraid to experiment and mix different oils. A mixture of 1/3 hazelnut oil and 2/3 olive oil works best for me.

And how to use it? Simply take a little of the selected oil in the palm of your hand and massage your face with it for about a minute. There is no need to soak the skin beforehand, make-up and dirt will start to dissolve by themselves. Soak a small cosmetic towel, cloth or cotton pad in warm water, wring it out and place it on your face. Let it rest on the skin for a while so that the steam releases impurities from the pores. Then just wipe everything off the skin. You can easily get rid of waterproof mascara with this method.

If you don't want to use a wet cloth, you can simply scoop the oil onto organic cosmetic tampons and remove your make-up as if you were using a regular make-up remover. But then we recommend cleaning the skin with a cleansing gel (recipe a few lines below).

Homemade moist makeup remover pads are great not only for traveling

If you don't want to rely only on oils to remove your make-up or the oil method doesn't seem practical to you (spills of oil on the floor or oil stains on your clothes are not pleasant after all), these homemade make-up remover pads will be just the thing for you! This summer, they are also a great helper for traveling or on trips. There is no need to carry around bottles of make-up remover, tampons and cleansing gel... it's all in one! Purchased wet wipes also often contain unnecessary preservatives and chemicals, and are also very difficult to decompose. You can make your own gentle, gentle make-up remover pads easily, quickly and cheaply.

What does it take?

(The recipe is for a 250 ml glass and 20 cotton swabs, but don't be afraid to adjust the amount as needed)

a jar with a lid (or a resealable mason jar)

makeup remover pads (100 biodegradable and compostable)

2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

2 tablespoons elf water

1 teaspoon of castile soap

1 teaspoon almond oil (or other nourishing oil )

8-12 drops of mild essential oil (optional)

1 teaspoon of vitamin E (as a preservative, it doesn't have to be)

How to do it?

Put all the ingredients (except tampons) in a jar. Close the lid and shake well, this will mix everything nicely. Then open and insert the make-up remover pads into the mixture, gently shake again so that the liquid gets between all the pads and that's it!

Cleansing pink facial gel

Do you know a more feminine scent than pink? The rose not only gives our make-up removing cleansing gel a wonderful fragrance, but also nourishes the skin and provides it with the necessary care. The cleansing gel is excellent on its own or for cleaning the skin after removing make-up using oils. If you use the gel in the morning, you will rid your skin of impurities, and in addition, you will start the day with a pleasant fragrance.

What is needed for the gel?

120 ml of rose water

30 ml of aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon of vegetable glycerin

1 teaspoon of castile soap

10 drops of English rose

How to do it?

Mix everything in a suitable pump bottle and shake. Gently massage the skin with the cleanser in circular motions (with your hands or using a tampon or small towel) and then rinse with warm water.

Aloe vera and honey

Aloe vera is also great at cleaning the skin and removing make-up. By mixing aloe vera gel with honey and nourishing oil, you create an effective and very pleasant make-up removing gel suitable for sensitive or problematic skin as well as for skin exposed to the sun.

What is needed for cleansing gel with aloe vera and honey??

1 cup (50 ml) of aloe vera gel

1 cup (50 ml) of good quality liquid honey

1 tablespoon jojoba oil (or other nourishing oil)

How to do it?

Mix all ingredients in a 120 ml glass with a lid . Close and shake. Scoop up the gel with a spoon or with dry hands to prevent bacteria from getting into it and spoiling it. You can also use fresh aloe vera. But then store the gel in the fridge.

Make-up remover balm

If you're not comfortable with liquid products, you'll love this balm! Simply mix your favorite oil with beeswax to create a great makeup remover that won't spill anywhere and is great for travelers. In addition, it is really effective, so you only need a little bit of it to remove make-up from the whole face.

What does it take?

1 cup jojoba oil (or other nourishing oil)

1 spoon of beeswax

How to do it?

Heat the selected oil in a water bath and sprinkle beeswax into it. Stir until the wax melts and mixes well with the oil. Then just pour it into the chosen container and let it harden. When removing make-up, take a little balm in the palm of your hand or on a make-up remover pad and massage your face in circular motions for a while and wipe away dirt from it.


Well, what to do if you don't want to do anything, but you would still like to remove your make-up in a way that is gentle on nature and yourself? Take a look, for example, at the make-up remover gel with cucumber , which can quickly but gently remove eye make-up without unnecessary rubbing, pressure and irritation. The gel literally glides over the lashes and takes all make-up with it. Or try the make-up remover oleogel , which perfectly removes make-up and impurities from the skin even without soap and washing surfactants in its composition.

After removing make-up, don't forget to take care of your skin and apply a nourishing cream or oils . You can find out how to make such creams here (kuk) .

How do you clean your skin?

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