How to make homemade washing powder?

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How to make homemade washing powder?
Wash cheaply, simply, environmentally friendly and with the help of washing powder that you made yourself? No problem!More information
Ingredients for this recipeGrated Marseille soapSodium carbonateSodium percarbonateTAEDOrange essential oil
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Some time ago, we published a tutorial on soap slime and your response was very positive. Thank you all for your kind messages. We are glad that the home detergent quickly found its application.

One of the reactions is also from Mrs. Petra, who sent us her recipe for a dry variant of washing powder. Because it is a very interesting alternative to soap slime, we decided to publish the recipe!

So for those who didn't like soapy slime, here is a dry variant of washing powder from Mrs. Petra, who writes to us:

"I've been using the home laundry powder for a long time and surprisingly, everything turned out beyond my expectations. I'm very satisfied with the powder, the price is unbelievable, I know what I'm washing in and I know what I'm putting in the waste. :)

I also recently discovered the magic of vinegar as a fabric softener, in combination with the addition of a few drops of fragrant essential oil, my clothes smell beautiful. For those who perhaps just caught my eye and would like to make the powder too...

So what will you need to make homemade washing powder for COLORED laundry?

Soap - from time to time I get a gift pack of olive soap... and lo and behold his moment has come right now! I grate it finely (about 150g). There is also the option of going to already grated Marseille soap.

Then I add baking soda, sodium carbonate (1kg) to the soap

And now for the dosage: I put about 2-3 spoons directly into the drum. I have already found a cube of soda in the tank after the washing process, so I prefer to pour it directly into the drum.

To make homemade washing powder for WHITE clothes you will need:           

The same as for colored laundry powder, only you add sodium percarbonate and TAED to the baking soda. TAED serves as a sodium percarbonate activator. Percarbonate normally works up to above 60°C. When you wash at lower temperatures, TAED activator is added and you can wash at 40°C.

I mix 1 kilo of sodium percarbonate and 50 g of TAEDU. And then just to 2-3 spoons of sodium carbonate mixed with soap (preparation according to the version for colored clothes), I add 2 spoons of a mixture of percarbonate with taed (if I wash white clothes)."

So let's sum it up:

Washing powder for COLORED laundry:

- Sodium carbonate

- Grated soap (2-3 spoons)

Washing powder for WHITE laundry:

- Sodium carbonate

- Grated soap (2-3 spoons)

- Sodium percarbonate

- TAED (2 spoons)

Fabric softener:

- 2 teaspoons of vinegar mixed with water (as much water as you normally add fabric softener)

- A few drops of fragrance, orange essential oil or tangerine essential oil are excellent

You can find the kit for the production of this washing powder and the necessary raw materials here.

Raw materials
Grated Marseille soap
Sodium carbonate
Sodium percarbonate
Orange essential oil
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