How to make dark chocolate?

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How to make dark chocolate?
Making homemade chocolate is not difficult, so we bring you a recipe for making homemade dark chocolate, try it. It is much better than the bought one!More information
Ingredients for this recipe50 g of cocoa40 g of cocoa butterNutsDatesSea saltRaspberry powderXylitolChocolate mold
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What will be needed?

- 50g of cocoa

- 40g of cocoa butter

- nuts (ground or whole), dried fruit (pieces of raisins, cranberries, prunes, apricots, figs, dates or maybe goji), sea salt, raspberry powder, vanilla powder, chia seeds, chili, ... win!

- sweetener to taste (xylitol, syrup)

How to do it?

Making homemade chocolate is not difficult, we bring you a recipe for making homemade dark chocolate.

Melt cocoa butter in a water bath (do not boil, just melt), add cocoa and mix. It is advisable to put the entire chocolate mixture in a blender and mix for a minute, then put the container in a water bath and mix until it cools. The ingredients will come together beautifully this way and the chocolate will have a creamy consistency.

Finally, you can add nuts, fruit, spices or other ingredients to taste. Pour the chocolate into the molds and let it harden in the freezer - approx. 15-20 min. It is advisable to store chocolate in the freezer even after it has been made, as it has a lower melting point compared to commercially produced chocolate. In general, the more natural cocoa butter used in chocolate (in proportion to the solidified fat), the lower the melting point of the chocolate. However, it is of better quality. And vice versa - if you want to increase the melting point (so that the chocolate does not melt), it is usually necessary to add a bit of solidified fat to it.


Raw materials
40 g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

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Raspberry powder
Chocolate mold
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