How to make a multi-colored candle?

How to make a multi-colored candle?
It's not a science. After reading our guide, you can easily do it too! More information
Ingredients for this recipe<p>BeeswaxSoy waxPalm waxWicks with platesCandle colors
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A multi-colored candle is not complicated at all

The only difficulty is evaluating when to pour another layer of wax. If you do this too soon, your colors will blend together. You will need a suitable wax for production, it is only up to your preference which one you choose.

You can use beeswax, soy wax or even palm wax.

How to do it?

Put the wax in the containers into the water bath.

After melting the wax, it's time to add different colors. Mix the colors thoroughly until completely dissolved. After adding the colors and cooling the wax, add the fragrance.

Choose a suitable mold and place the wick in it. In order for the wick to hold well, you can make a small ball of plasticine at the bottom or you can use a plate under the wick. Attach the wick to the skewer at the top to keep it straight in the form. The wicks are good to work with, if you leave them in the freezer for a while, they become more rigid and hold better.

After slightly cooling, pour the wax into the mold.

An important stage is coming, the wax must be allowed to harden a little so that pouring another color does not cause the colors to mix. However, you must not let it harden too much, then you would have individual colored parts separated from each other.

And this is how you proceed color by color.

Until the final form. After filling the mold, let the wax cool at room temperature and turn it out.

And all you have to do is light it.

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