How to make a mold for soap or candles?

How to make a mold for soap or candles?
Making a mold for soap or a candle at home is not difficult at all. Let's go! More information
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What can we say, the final appearance of our products is extremely important. What if we managed to make a wonderful homemade natural soap when it looks like a lump of butter. And the final form is especially important when giving gifts to loved ones. Although there is a fairly wide range of silicone molds, it may happen that they do not meet your expectations. So let's focus this time on how to make your own form.

It is important to have a suitable object from which you want to create a form. In our case it is a ceramic goat and a plastic bear. You will also need silicone, i.e. Lukopren. It is a universal silicone that has a certificate for contact with food, so it is a safe substance.

First, you need to estimate how much material you will need to fill your mold. If you do not have a good estimate, always prepare 100g of the mixture and if you are wrong, you simply mix in more. So weigh out 100g of silicone and add the catalyst, mix thoroughly but try not to create air bubbles.

Choose a suitable model and place it in a container, ideally one that can be cut later.

Then fill the model with the prepared lukopren and catalyst mixture.


After the silicone hardens (12-24 hours), cut the mold



and cut off part of the silicone to be able to peel the model out.

We then put the silicone mold we made back into the bowl and we're done. If I fill the mold with soap, I will have a beautifully round soap with a raised chamois relief.


The silicone takes over all the fine details from the model, and we will proceed similarly when preparing the 3D model. We take a suitable model and put it in a suitable plastic container (the point is that it can be cut nicely). We slowly cover it with silicone. 300g of material was needed to pour the bear.

6 After drying, carefully cut the mold again. And we cut the silicone body in half lengthwise. Be careful not to damage the model here. The result is two halves of the mold. If you add the two halves together,



create a suitable pouring hole at the top, through which you will pour soap or wax (in the case of a candle, the wick will also lead through the top.

And we're done!

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