How to make a bubble bath

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How to make a bubble bath
With the onset of fall weather, my thoughts turn to the hot tub. Especially if I'm tired enough, it's unwelcoming outside and the fire is crackling in the stove. Then a hot tub surrounded by candles is just right. And what must not be missing there is proper foam! We bring you instructions for making a wonderful bath foam.More information
Ingredients for this recipe40g of coco glucoside40g of lauryl glucoside20g of decyl glucoside10g g of provitamin B510g of hydrolyzed oat protein2g of Patchouli essential oil2g of cosgard2.6g of xanthan gum
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Recipe for making bath foam enriched with oat proteins

What will we need for this?

- 40 g of coco glucoside

- 40 g of lauryl glucoside

- 20 g of decyl glucoside

- 10 g provitamin B5

- 10 g hydrolyzed oat protein

- 2 g of essential oils - you can mix different scents according to your current needs

- 2 g of cosgard

- 200 g of hot water (90°C)

- 2.6 g xanthan gum

And how to proceed?

Weigh out the water and pour in the xanthan gum. Mix well. If your gum doesn't completely dissolve, don't worry, it will dissolve over time.

Weigh out all the glucosides and add the xanthan gum water and mix thoroughly. Let it cool a little, so to a temperature of about 29°C and add essential oils, panthenol, cosgard and oat protein. Mix thoroughly again.

Jamile the mixture will cool, it will thicken. You can add more xanthan gum if you don't think the density is enough.
When you reach the desired consistency, pour the mixture into bottles.

Raw materials
40g of coco glucoside
40g of lauryl glucoside
20g of decyl glucoside
10g g of provitamin B5
10g of hydrolyzed oat protein
2g of Patchouli essential oil
2g of cosgard
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

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2.6g of xanthan gum
Xanthan gum, 50 g

Xanthan gum, 50 g

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