How to create a warm autumn atmosphere at home?

How to create a warm autumn atmosphere at home?
It smells like... autumn. Fragrances can highlight the beauty of every season. So why not enjoy them properly?More information
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Who doesn't love autumn, colorful leaves, shaggy sweaters, baking time, lots of early evening creations , brisk walks, cold air, hot tea ... And so many wonderful smells that make autumn autumn.

Enjoy autumn to the fullest

There is something so beautifully calming, sweet and peaceful about autumn and its scents. A fresh summer full of fresh flowers and fruits alternates with the earthy scent of autumn, late harvest and falling leaves. Apples, pears and pumpkins, topped with cinnamon, cloves and orange. It was the aroma wafting from the oven while baking a pumpkin pie that inspired us for today's article, we wanted to enjoy autumn and its warm mood not only while tasting homemade goodies, but also while reading a favorite book and cleaning .

Creates an atmosphere, supports immunity

Scents can bring the right atmosphere, encourage or, on the contrary, calm us down, or even take us back in time, because many of our memories are literally saturated with scents. Diffused essential oils can also purify and freshen the air, and since most of them can neutralize various viruses and other creatures, they help against colds, flu or colds.

Smell it

There are many ways to bring the fragrances that make life more fun and diverse into our days and enjoy them in various activities.

Aroma lamps

Flickering light and intoxicating aromas, these are aroma lamps. All you need is a candle , a little water, a few drops of essential oil , a natural scent or maybe a piece of flower wax and that's it. Aroma lamps, which are used in aromatherapy, simply create a warm atmosphere excellent for relaxation.


Whether you have a classic stick diffuser, modern electric, ultrasonic or with LED lighting, made of wood, glass or ceramic, enjoy it with a filling mixed according to your wishes. The basis of the diffuser can be DiPropylene Glycol or Auego , which just needs to be mixed with the selected fragrance and poured into a suitable container.


Incense sticks are the embodiment of calm, meditation and relaxation. And that most ready-made incense sticks don't suit you? There is nothing easier than making your own incense sticks , which will smell as you wish. You only need to soak the raw sticks in a bath made of DiPropylene glycol and any natural fragrance , give them time until the next day to absorb everything, and then just let them drain and start enjoying them.

Scented cones (Franciskies)

Can you imagine Advent without traditional Franciscans ? Certainly not us! But this year you don't have to wait for the Christmas season, you can make magical scented cones right now, and not just with the smell of classic incense or myrrh . You can play with the raw scent cones and choose the scent you want. The procedure is as simple as with homemade incense sticks.

Household, laundry and cleaning sprays

With homemade air fresheners, you can literally smell good all day long. You can create a simple scented laundry spray by mixing water, vodka or fairy water with your favorite essential oils . On the other hand, Auego is an unbeatable base for home perfumes and cleaning products, which ensures that you will smell the scent for a much longer time.

Ecogoat fall spray for… everything
In the fall, we like to make a spiced spray that can be used on textiles, as a room perfume, and as an all-purpose cleaner if we add vinegar to it. Just mix 2 tablespoons of fairy water (or vodka) with 5 drops of cedar essential oil, 5 drops of rosemary essential oil, 5 drops of bergamot and 5 drops of cinnamon in a nice spray bottle and top up with (filtered) water. Then just shake and spray wherever you like!

Autumn combustion of essential oils

And what are our other favorite fall combinations?

To forest

Brisk walks through the damp, foggy forest are an inherent part of autumn. The fresh woody combination of the fragrance calms the mind and relieves anxiety.

4 drops EO cypress + 2 drops EO pine + 2 drops EO sandalwood

Citrus and conifers

Are you expecting a visit? Diffuse scents that clean the air and brighten your entire home.

2 drops EO lime + 2 drops EO lemon + 2 drops EO bergamot + 2 drops EO orange + 2 drops EO pine

Spicy boost

A spicy, warm combination of fragrances that will please all men. It strengthens the mind, encourages and has a powerful effect against fear and anxiety.

3 drops EO lime + 3 drops EO laurel + 2 drops EO tarragon + 2 drops EO lavender + 1 drop EO rosemary

Pumpkin Pie

Don't have time to bake a spiced pumpkin or apple treat, but still want to have a home full of warm and inviting aromas? You can.

5 drops EO cinnamon + 1 drop EO clove + 1 drop EO nutmeg

Autumn caress

A perfectly balanced autumn combination of scents, woody, sweet, pleasantly spicy. It calms the distracted mind, soothes, improves the mood and harmonizes.

3 drops EO Cedar + 2 drops EO Lavender + 2 drops EO Rosewood + 1 drop EO Nutmeg + 1 drop EO Patchouli

For defense

With autumn comes not only cold evenings and mornings, but often, unfortunately, colds as well, but colds and viruses don't stand a chance with this strengthening combination.

3 drops EO orange + 2 drops EO eucalyptus + 2 drops EO rosemary + 1 drop EO clove + 1 EO cinnamon

The morning makes the day

A combination perfect for lazy autumn mornings. Allow yourself, at least one day a week, a long rise. Make yourself a good cup of tea , light a candle and inhale.

5 drops EO mandarin + 2 drops litsea cubeba + 2 drops EO patchouli + 2 drops EO lemongrass

What not to forget

Because essential oils are extremely powerful, always be careful when working with them and only use as much as you really need. Most of the essential oils listed are very warming, if you have small children or are pregnant, be careful with them and always read that they can harm you.

Which fragrance is typically autumn for you?

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