How to clean a yoga mat and other exercise equipment - natural disinfectant spray

How to clean a yoga mat and other exercise equipment - natural disinfectant spray
The natural disinfectant spray cleans, perfumes and expels all germs and bacteria. And it will take your exercise to a higher level. Fast, cheap, effective, natural. What else could you wish for?More information
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In addition to being part of an eco-friendly family, I am also a yoga teacher. And in this, as a person who takes many yoga mats in his hands every day, you can trust me without limits - mats and blocks are not exactly a fragrant matter, rather the opposite :) ...if we don't take care of them.

But thank God, cleaning the tools is very simple, quick and very rewarding - it's much better to practice on a scented mat on which we feel safe!

Something with exercise mats and other aids must be left behind - he can smell very well. Why not, we rub our hands, feet, faces, sweaty bodies and the floor against them. That is, things that, let's face it, are not always luxuriously cleaned. Added to this is the situation of the last days, when cleanliness, which equals safety, is in the first place.

In yoga studios or gyms, mats and aids are treated regularly. But no one will do it for us at home, so it's up to us. With the eco-coconut natural spray, thanks to the wonderful scent that you will want to smell not only during and after exercise, it will work on its own.

To make the cleaner, we will need ingredients that scare away germs, bacilli and bacteria, that, for regular and frequent use, will not ruin our wallet, and especially those that will get along with the sensitive skin of the hands, feet and face. Distilled or ideally flower water (we recommend elfin , mint or tea tree water), perfume base ( high percentage alcohol ) and vinegar (preferably white ) will serve as a base. Antibacterial and antiviral abilities will then provide essential oils , which at the same time deal with odor and dirt. And, of course, the mat and the whole room smell wonderful, refresh and simply entice you to exercise.

There is definitely no need to limit yourself to just one fragrance. Mix, for example, three variants and choose the sprays according to your current mood, the type of exercise or the effect you expect from the spray. The combinations tested and liked by me are the following:

- Cleansing : tea tree (20 drops) + lemon or lemongrass (20 drops)

- Refreshing : rosemary (15 drops) + eucalyptus (15 drops) + grapefruit (15 drops)

- Grounding : bergamot (15 drops) + lavender (25 drops) + patchouli (10 drops)

Feel free to use the sprays on other props, such as yoga blocks and straps. Let's get down to fragrant cleaning!

Cleaning spray for exercise mats with antibacterial effects

Bottle with a volume of 60 ml

What does it take?

- 1 spoon of perfume base

- 1 tablespoon (white) vinegar

- 40-50 drops of essential oils *

- distilled or floral water for topping up

- a spray bottle with a volume of 60 ml or several smaller bottles with a sprayer

How to do it?

Prepare a bottle, drop the selected essential oils into it and add the perfume base (high percentage alcohol). Close the bottle tightly, shake and give the essential oils five to ten minutes to dissolve slightly in the alcohol. Then open the bottle, add vinegar and top up with a sufficient amount of floral or distilled water. Close the bottle and shake well before each use.

After each (or before each) exercise, spray the mat and equipment generously, optionally wipe with a cloth, and ideally let your mat breathe for a few minutes before rolling.


Not all yoga mothers tolerate essential oils, alcohol or vinegar well. Therefore, before the first surface spraying, test the spray on a small area of the mat and find out whether the material and the spray will understand each other.

The spray does not contain any solubilizer or emulsifier, so do not forget to shake it well before each use.

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