Homemade strengthening shampoo with nettle and moringa - how to make solid shampoo?

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Homemade strengthening shampoo with nettle and moringa - how to make solid shampoo?
Shampoo in solid form? That's shampoo - a no-waste form of hair cleanser that won't spill. Come and make a strengthening variant with nettle and moringa with us for a shiny, flexible and thick mane.More information
Ingredients for this recipe27g of SCS (sodium coco sulfate)4g of babassu oil2g of shea butter0.5g of nettle powder0.5g of moringa powder5g of rosemary hydrolate0.5g of hydrolyzed wheat protein0.45g of panthenol provitamin B50.02g of rosemary essential oil0.02g of litsea cubeba essential oil0.01g of eucalyptus essential oil
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Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you've used it... and if it's second in line, you're probably still using it today. Those who wash their hair once with shampoo, a concentrated hard shampoo, usually stay with it. And we are certainly no exception! Here is a simple eco-friendly version of homemade natural shampoo that you can make in a few minutes. Inspired by the recipe of Mrs. Blaženka, an expert in home cosmetics and a respected user of the (now defunct) Ekokoza Forum.

What exactly is it?

Shampoo is an anhydrous form of classic shampoo, which, unlike shampoo soap, does not undergo saponification. The basis consists of surfactants - surface-active substances that take care of dissolving and removing impurities. In this case, it is sodium coco sulfate, a gentle, gentle foaming agent for its low impact on the environment, approved for use in natural cosmetics. Thanks to SCS (sodium sulfate), after wetting the shampoo, we create a rich foam that has a high cleaning power. A big plus of shampoos is also the possibility to incorporate a high percentage of herbs, caring substances such as clays or active ingredients, or nourishing oils into the formula, which at the same time care for your hair without leaving the mane greasy or heavy after washing.

Well, since the shampoo is concentrated, it almost doesn't run out and lasts a very long time. And also, due to its small size, it does not take up space, on a shelf in the bathroom or perhaps in a suitcase on vacation.

The hair doesn't have to get used to the shampoo, it washes perfectly the first time you use it (which is a significant advantage compared to soapy solid shampoo) and it is very well tolerated even by dyed or otherwise chemically treated hair. It washes out well, works great even with very hard water and because it has a neutral pH.

It is therefore a great choice for all those who are not satisfied with "hair-opening" solid soap shampoos, which, due to their alkalinity, necessarily require a subsequent acidic rinse so that the hair is not damaged.

We don't have to deal with this with shampoo. Just rinse it out of your hair after foaming, use the conditioner you're used to, and that's it.

What do we add?

Shea butter and babassu oil will nourish the hair and prevent it from drying out and matting. Nettle powder and moringa powder add minerals, amino acids, vitamin C and other substances that strengthen hair and promote its growth. In addition, both herbs regulate the production of excessive sebum, so the hair stays fresher for longer.

Rosemary in two forms warms the scalp, accelerates hair growth, and also smells wonderful. Panthenol B5 will support the elasticity of the hair, thereby reducing its brittleness and breakage, increasing its shine and strength. Wheat protein will take care of hydration and regeneration.

We have a theory, so let's make it!

What does it take?

For a 40 gram piece

- 27 grams of SCS (sodium coco sulfate)

- 4 grams of babassu oil

- 2 grams of shea butter

- 0.5 grams of nettle powder

- 0.5 grams of moringa powder

- 5 grams of rosemary hydrolate

- 0.5 grams of hydrolyzed wheat protein

- 0.45 grams of panthenol provitamin B5

- 0.02 grams of rosemary essential oil

- 0.02 grams of litsea cubeba essential oil

- 0.01 gram of eucalyptus essential oil

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath. Weigh the SCS, oil, butter, herbal powders and hydrosol into a heat-resistant bowl and leave to dissolve at a low temperature (up to 70 °C maximum). Stir. A green sticky solid paste will form with SCS beads visibly undissolved - that's fine.

Once the fats are melted and everything is mixed, remove the container from the heat and let the mixture cool slightly. After a few minutes, add the rest of the ingredients. After mixing carefully, press the mixture into a mold (or shape a patty with your hands) and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Remove the solid shampoo from the mold and let it dry freely for at least 48 hours so that the water evaporates from it. Then you can start using it.

How to use it?

Run shampoo over wet hair several times. A thick foam will begin to form, which you can classically massage all over your head. Then rinse and continue with the next care. Allow the shampoo to dry freely, ideally in a soap dish, and keep it ready for the next use.

This size, which may seem surprisingly small, will last for at least 3 months with the frequency of washing semi-long hair 2 times a week.

Ms. Blaženka, the wearer of curly hair, then recommends this procedure to everyone with brittle, dry hair:

“Use shampoo as step number two in mane care. The first step should be, at least for extremely dry hair, to apply a mask in the form of some oil - I use babassa - just a few drops, apply to the roots, comb through the hair, wrap it in a towel for at least half an hour (or preferably overnight) and let it work. Then wash your head with shampoo, apply a conditioner or mask, rinse well, gently squeeze the water out of your hair, and finally spray with water (or herbal infusion) with apple cider vinegar (80 and 20 vinegar). Then don't dry your hair anymore, let it dry freely, or style it as usual.

The one who does not know the change for the better, in my opinion, has an imperfectly developed talent of observation :( "


Raw materials
27g of SCS (sodium coco sulfate)
4g of babassu oil
2g of shea butter
0.5g of nettle powder
0.5g of moringa powder
5g of rosemary hydrolate
0.5g of hydrolyzed wheat protein
0.45g of panthenol provitamin B5
0.02g of rosemary essential oil
0.02g of litsea cubeba essential oil
0.01g of eucalyptus essential oil
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