Homemade natural brightener

Homemade natural brightener
Homemade natural brightener that even a complete beginner can make. You can easily mix the color and shade to your liking. Incredibly cheap, fast and with one trick!More information
Ingredients for this recipe3.5g of castor oil3g of babassu oil0.5g of beeswax0.5g of Sericite mica powder1g of gold mica powder Sunbeam Gold0.1g of vitamin EPlastic container 10ml
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Highlighters can do wonders. The face quickly gets rid of signs of fatigue, brightens the look, draws attention to where we want to draw it, adds sparkle and promotes a healthy color. They are perfect for summer (but also for winter). We can use the highlighter on the face as such, apply it on the lids instead of shadows or use it to add shine to the lips. So it is a more than universal product!

If you have respect for clarification, we understand you. At first, we were also worried that we wouldn't be able to smudge the highlighter and we would look like a disco ball, or that the skin would look greasy. Needless! As soon as we tried the highlighter, we fell under its spell and we believe you will too! When applying, it is enough to have a light hand and apply the product only to the places you want to highlight. In addition, when you mix the highlighter yourself, you simply choose the shade that suits you exactly. Want a highlighter with gold, peach or silver highlights? You can have them all!

Cheaper than bread

The relatively high price of the product, which normally ranges from hundreds to thousands of crowns for a few grams of the product, can also deter you from trying brighteners (we are not surprised by the small packaging of brighteners - only a drop is enough for one use). That's why we decided to make this shiny miracle ourselves and calculated how much a homemade natural brightener costs and if it's worth it. And the result? It worked out great and for a hundredth of the price!

Production faster than a visit to the drugstore

It only takes 10 minutes to mix the brightener, including cleaning. And that is definitely faster than visiting a drugstore and then choosing the appropriate shade. The production is so simple that you can handle it, even though you may not have any experience with creating cosmetics at home. Well, the fact that we get only one bowl and mixer dirty during production is just icing on the cake.

And what do we put in it?

We make the base from castor oil and babassu oil (you can replace it with coconut oil, which you definitely have at home) with a few flakes of beeswax. Then we conjure up the shine and color with beautiful mica powders. To make the highlighter last longer, add vitamin E and that's it. The finished highlighter is beautifully creamy, applies divinely and stays on the skin like nails.

As for the colors, we used a combination of golden powder in the shade of Sunbeam Gold and silky soft Sericite mica. The result is a soft, warm shade with golden reflections and a champagne color. But definitely try to mix several shades and mix a color that fits you exactly. Pink soft reflections can be obtained, for example, by using the color Antelope Pink or white with red reflections. You can create a fresh peach with Just Peachy, and if you want a rich golden highlighter, reach for Gold Sparks. As the name suggests, you can conjure up a creamy silver-gold shade with Créme de la Créme.

And if for whatever reason you don't want to use mica powder, don't worry! You can also make a great highlighter using innovative biodegradable BioGlitters. You mix the beautifully pigmented product from the snow-white shade Frost and pink with golden highlights Allure Pink.

Cream highlighter

What does it take?

We are warming up

- 3.5 grams of castor oil

- 3 grams of babassu oil / coconut oil

- 0.5 grams of beeswax

- 0.5 grams of Sericite mica powder (use this in all cases)

- 1 gram of gold mica powder (Sunbeam Gold / Créme de la Créme / Gold Sparks)

- 1 gram of mica powder or Bioglitters as desired

When cooling

- 0.1 gram of vitamin E

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath (pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and heat it on the stove).

Weigh the oils, beeswax and all the selected mica powders into a smaller heat-resistant bowl. Then place the bowl in the prepared water bath and let it dissolve on a low flame.

When everything is dissolved, remove the bowl with the mixture from the water bath. Add vitamin E, mix and quickly transfer to the selected 10 ml container. This transparent bottle or two 5ml cream cups are great. If you don't want a plastic container, reach for two cute aluminum cups or a 15ml glass container.

How to use it?

Apply a small amount of highlighter with your finger or a brush to the area under the eyebrows, cheekbones and other areas of the face that you want to highlight and brighten (some people apply highlighter to the tip of the nose, above the upper lip or on the inner corners of the eyes), and blend in. Try the highlighter also as a shadow or gently dab it on your lips instead of a gloss.

Raw materials
3.5g of castor oil
3g of babassu oil
0.5g of beeswax
0.5g of Sericite mica powder
1g of gold mica powder Sunbeam Gold
0.1g of vitamin E
Plastic container 10ml
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