Homemade incense sticks or sticks - how to make a natural smoker?

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Homemade incense sticks or sticks - how to make a natural smoker?
Make your own homemade incense sticks or incense sticks from natural ingredients and with your own scent. Simple, cheap and in a few minutes with eco-friendly instructions.More information
Ingredients for this recipeRaw scented conesBasis for the production of a diffuserScent of frankincense and myrrh
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In the winter months, Franciscans or chimney pots, and incense sticks during yoga or meditation. Smokers have a long tradition, are popular and suitable for all kinds of occasions. With its soothing dancing smoke and delicate typical scent carried in the air, it can create a magical atmosphere and literally change the mood.

However, few people know that you can make sticks or French fries yourself at home, with your own aroma and, most importantly, from completely natural ingredients.


Incense sticks are the embodiment of calm, meditation and relaxation. And that most ready-made incense sticks don't suit you? There is nothing easier than making your own incense sticks that will smell the way you want them to. You only need to soak the raw sticks in a bath made of DiPropylene Glycol and any natural fragrance, give them until the next day to absorb everything, and then just let them drain and start enjoying them.

Scented cones (Franciskies)

Can you imagine Advent, holidays and the period around the Three Kings without traditional Franciscans? Certainly not us! Typically, Franciscans are made with the scent of frankincense and myrrh, resins that were brought to Jesus by the three kings. However, you can make eco-fragrances not only with the scent of classic frankincense or myrrh. You can play around with the raw scent cones and choose the scent you want. The procedure is as simple as with homemade incense sticks.

So let's get down to it!

What does it take?

- Raw scented cones or sticks

- Basis for the production of a diffuser (DiPropylenglycol)

- Essential oils and/or cosmetic fragrances and essential oils

How to do it?

In a bowl, mix the diffuser base and fragrance in a ratio of about 70% and 30%. If you want a more intense scent, use more fragrance.

Dip the scent cones or sticks into the prepared mixture and give them at least 24 hours to absorb the liquid.

After 24 hours, let the cones drain well, dry slightly, and then light them happily.

Raw materials
Raw scented cones
Basis for the production of a diffuser
Scent of frankincense and myrrh
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