Homemade gummy bears and gelatin candies

45 min
Homemade gummy bears and gelatin candies
It is not difficult to make the gummy candies that children and adults love so much at home. The hardest thing about them is controlling yourself and not eating them all in one sitting!More information
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Gummy bears and various gelatin candies are loved by children and adults alike. Unfortunately, the purchased ones are full of sugar, dyes and artificial substances. Fortunately, you can replace them with homemade ones that you make once or twice!

What will you need?

- 125 ml of orange or lemon juice, but you can also use juice

- About 660 ml of fruit

- 75 ml pure gelatin powder, you can also use agar

- 1 tablespoon of honey or other alternative sweetener (plum, maple syrup or date syrup are great!)

How to do it?

Squeeze the juice from the orange (about 125 ml), add the finely chopped fruit and cook on a low heat until completely soft.

Remove from heat, let cool slightly, add sweetener and blend until smooth.

Leave to cool for 5-7 minutes, then add the gelatin and mix the mixture again until completely smooth.

Pour the resulting mixture into a suitable mold and let it harden in the fridge. And it is done!

Once your bears have hardened, you can make pickles and coat them in citric acid mixed with sugar. This way you will achieve the right sweet and sour taste.

And how to create those beautiful crayons?

Use natural dyes such as beetroot juice or dried spinach.

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