Homemade extracts - vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon

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Homemade extracts - vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon
Make your own and you will never want the bought ones again! The taste of homemade extracts is incomparable to the taste of purchased ones. In addition, they are a beautiful handmade gift.More information
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It doesn't look like it outside the windows, but Christmas is almost at the door! The weather convinces us that there is still time for preparations, but we don't want to underestimate it. That's why we make honest homemade extracts that will come in handy when baking Christmas cookies, but also as a great gift made with love.

Why make extracts?

Because it's worth it! You can find vanilla extract in almost every recipe for sweet dishes, whether it's cakes, pudding or cookies, because quality vanilla extract embellishes all goodies. So if you bake regularly, you probably know how quickly vanilla extract goes down and that it can be quite a pain in the wallet.

Bottomless and always at hand

But homemade extracts are a great solution. Once you start making them, you will (almost) never run out. When you start using your extract, all you have to do is top it up with more alcohol and it will become practically bottomless. So the initial investment in vanilla pods, good quality cinnamon or cocoa beans may seem higher, but it is not at all. Exactly opposite.

And if you haven't tried real vanilla extract yet, now is the best time to do so! Ditch the fake flavors, sugars and other artificial substitutes and treat yourself to a homemade extract made from real ingredients, it's worth it.

Ready for Christmas

Although it doesn't look like it outside the windows, this year's Christmas is just around the corner. And homemade extracts will come in handy several times.

When baking Christmas cookies, the lack of vanilla, cinnamon or vanilla sugar will no longer put you off, these extracts will never run out.

In addition, homemade extracts made with love are a beautiful gift that will surely please mothers, grandmothers, friends and everyone who likes to cook, bake and create. All you have to do is pour them into nice bottles or jars, add labels to them, or wrap them in bags or decorate them, and you have a great gift.

Extracts need at least 6 weeks to infuse (cinnamon probably less), so we manage it all perfectly.

Homemade vanilla extract

…which will never happen. As we have already said, vanilla extract is simply needed at home. It is suitable for all kinds of baking, it will raise the homemade vegetable milk to a completely different level and the chocolate bars will be absolutely perfect with it.

What is needed for it?

For 200ml of liquid

- 3-4 vanilla pods

- 200ml of vodka or white rum

How to do it?

We cut the vanilla pods lengthwise, put them in a glass bottle or jar and cover them with alcohol. The pods must be completely submerged, so don't be afraid to cut them in half or otherwise. Then close the bottle and let it rest in a cool, dark place for at least 6 weeks. Shake regularly, ideally every day, but once a week will be enough.

When the extract is ready, pour off the required amount and refill the bottle with new alcohol.

Homemade chocolate extract

...which turns homemade chocolate into an absolute delicacy. You think that doesn't make sense? Pour chocolate extract into chocolate? He gives. According to chocolate experts, chocolate loses part of its taste during production, more precisely the top notes. And it is precisely by adding an extract from unroasted cocoa beans that we return these top notes of flavor to chocolate. Imagine your homemade chocolate candies or hot chocolate tasting even better! However, chocolate extract is suitable for all goodies, not just chocolate ones, and is perfectly complemented with vanilla extract.

What does it take?

For 200ml of liquid

- 1 cup (60 g) cocoa beans (ours are already peeled and coarsely ground)

- 200ml of vodka, rum or bourbon

How to do it?

Pour the crushed cocoa beans into a glass bottle or jar and cover with alcohol. Seal and shake well, store in a dark, cool place for at least 6 weeks, but up to six months. Shake occasionally.

As soon as we want to use (or donate) the extract, we strain it. In addition, we can also pour it into a frost-resistant package, put it in the freezer overnight and then collect any fat from the cocoa beans from the top.

Homemade cinnamon extract

...which improves not only sweets and sweets, but also medicinal ointments. We already know that cinnamon is a powerful and effective spice against ailments of all kinds (cinnamon article). You can therefore use homemade cinnamon extract when baking cinnamon cookies and in the fight against bacteria, pain or colds.

What does it take?

For 200ml of liquid

- About 6-8 sticks of good quality cinnamon

- 200ml of vodka or rum

How to do it?

We shove the cinnamon into a suitable container and cover it with alcohol so that it is all submerged. Seal and shake well, store in a dark, cool place. Shake occasionally. A good cinnamon extract is ready in 2 weeks (so you can make a beautiful gift even in the middle of December:)), the longer we leave the cinnamon to infuse, the stronger the extract.

Cinnamon extract is also bottomless, well almost. When it is ready, just pour off the required amount and refill the bottle with alcohol. But after a year, we recommend starting from the beginning, with fresh cinnamon and new alcohol.

And that traditional extracts don't take much for you? Win it! All the ingredients get along well, so you can make, for example, vanilla extract with cinnamon, chocolate with vanilla or vanilla-cinnamon-chocolate! Nutmeg also goes well with them.

Do you use extracts in baking and cooking?

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