Homemade chocolate and pralines with almond and raspberry powder Homemade chocolate production

30 min
Homemade chocolate and pralines with almond and raspberry powder Homemade chocolate production
The recipe for homemade chocolate and pralines with almonds and raspberry powder was created for us by the extremely talented Sonička from the wonderful blog Tvoriť a júbiť <3 Be sure to check out the blog, you will find lots of great ideas, inspiration and beautiful photos there!More information
Ingredients for this recipe150g of cocoa from unroasted beans200g of cocoa butter100g of brown cane sugarRaspberry powderA mold for pralines
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Homemade chocolate production

I love chocolate.

Hot, milky, white, with or without raisins, nutty, with jelly, fruity, with pieces of caramel...any! And I would say anytime.

So today we will make one. You can find all the ingredients on the website ekokoza.sk, where you can "mix" your own. In the process, I used a combination of hot chocolate with pieces of almonds and raspberry powder (which, by the way, tastes really raspberry!) and the combination is nice. Nothing to worry about. You simply have to taste it!

The prepared chocolate can be poured into silicone molds or straight onto a regular baking sheet. After it hardens, just break it into smaller pieces and it looks very effective. It's sure to please every chocolate lover.

Homemade chocolate has a lower melting point than standard store-bought chocolate. We therefore store it in the refrigerator. In general, the more cocoa butter used, the sooner the chocolate starts to melt. If we would like to prevent melting a little, just add a piece of solidified fat.


In this eshop you will also find various other procedures and raw materials for the production of homemade creams, soaps, washing powder, candles, soaps, or even tofu... if you are interested in such production, be sure to take a look.


What will be needed?

- Homemade chocolate making kit


  • - A pot and bowl for a water bath

  • - Vareska

  • - Strainer for sprinkling

  • - A kitchen scale

  • How to do it?

First, melt the cocoa butter in a water bath. Then we weigh the cocoa powder and cane sugar (my scale shows 0 g, but please ignore that).


Put the ingredients in a blender, pour in the melted cocoa butter and mix for a while or mix thoroughly until you see that the sugar has completely melted. We can add various nuts, syrups, seeds, raisins to the mixture in this step...


Pour the liquid chocolate into silicone molds or on a tray lined with baking paper.


Decorate the top with sliced almonds and sprinkle with raspberry powder.


Let the chocolate harden in a cool place or put it in the fridge/freezer. After it has hardened, turn it out of the molds or, if we poured the chocolate on a sheet, break it into irregular smaller pieces.


Finally, we can sprinkle raspberry powder here and there for decoration and that's it.






Thank you Sonica for a great tutorial full of beautiful photos!

Raw materials
150g of cocoa from unroasted beans
200g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

29,04 EUR
100g of brown cane sugar
Raspberry powder
A mold for pralines
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