Golden brown cream eyeshadow/liner

Golden brown cream eyeshadow/liner
A simple variable eyeshadow and liner recipe in one!More information
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Golden brown cream eyeshadow/liner

A simple variable eyeshadow and liner recipe in one!

If these colors are not exactly your parquet, simply switch to a different parquet - all you need to customize is shopping at Ekokoze , when instead of gold, brown and red, you add blue and silver to the basket.






Warning in advance: the proportions will be a little wild today , as I tried to combine them for all the ingredients to make it easier :)
For the base of the shadows, heat wax, butter and oil in a ratio of 10:5:7.5 (according to the volume, you can measure with a measuring spoon, but you can use an ordinary coffee maker) . Once the mixture is homogeneous, remove it from the water bath and let it cool slightly at room temperature - the result should not be something devilishly stiff - more like the consistency of butter.
If you don't want to experiment with loose ingredients , come to my paint with 1.5 parts clay, 1 part brown oxide, 0.5 part cocoa and two parts mica powder. Rub everything well into the oil and butter mixture. The mixture should be saturated to the point that when you stroke your hand, the color is beautifully uniform.
To the eye, it looks different from the misty and alluring :-)
Just transfer the finished shadow to the cup with a knife and align it - and then enjoy lines, shadows or smoky makeup in front of the mirror.
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