Goat milk body cream

30 min
For advanced
Goat milk body cream
This pleasantly light cream perfectly hydrates the skin thanks to the beneficial effects of goat's milk and vegetable oils nourish the skin. The cream is beautifully soft and quickly absorbed. The skin remains soft and smooth.More information
Ingredients for this recipe34g of shea butter48g of almond oil28g of avocado oil34g of emulsifying wax No.328g of stearic acid6g of Cosgard preservative3g of vanilla essential oil
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What will be needed?

- 225 grams of pasteurized goat's milk

- 225 grams of distilled water

- 34 grams of shea butter

- 48 grams of almond oil

- 28 grams of avocado oil

- 34 grams of emulsifying wax No. 3

- 28 grams of stearic acid

- 6 grams of Cosgard preservative

- 3 grams of essential oil

How to do it?

Mix avocado oil + almond oil + stearic acid and heat in a water bath until the ingredients dissolve.

Add emulsifying wax and finally shea butter.

Mix goat's milk with distilled water and heat the ingredients to approx. 60-70°C.

Mix both mixtures together and blend.

Finally, add the essential oil and preservative.

Pour the finished cream into bottles and store it best in the refrigerator.

Raw materials
34g of shea butter
48g of almond oil
28g of avocado oil
34g of emulsifying wax No.3
28g of stearic acid
6g of Cosgard preservative
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

2,64 EUR
3g of vanilla essential oil
Vanilla, 10 ml

Vanilla, 10 ml

3,15 EUR
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