Fresh shower body conditioner – caring & nourishing

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Fresh shower body conditioner – caring & nourishing
Bright yellow shower body conditioner made from nourishing and emollient ingredients, smells of summer citrus and leaves the skin incredibly soft, fresh and satisfied. How to make it?More information
Ingredients for this recipe20g of vegetable glycerin20g of flower water6g of BTMS7g of castor oil5g of almond butter4g of grape butter3g of carrot oil2g of cocoa butter1g of cetearyl alcohol621(1)0.5g of wheat protein0.5g of panthenol B50.5g of Cosgard preservative0.2g of rosemary essential oil0.2g of bisabolol0.1g of vitamin E
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The production of this yellow beauty is supported by the desire to find a replacement for the body shower milk of a very well-known cosmetic brand, which I used with great pleasure in the past years. With the gradual reduction in buying conventional cosmetics, this product also disappeared from the bathroom shelf, but I missed it. After all, I don't enjoy the time spent in the bathroom and I like all the gadgets that shorten it. And the shower body lotion does it extremely well.

After all, everything can be done while taking a bath - lubrication, nourishment, pleasure. No waiting for butter or cream to soak in, no greasy hands and no greasy clothes when you're in a hurry. Body shower butter is a great invention for me.

Here's an eco-coconut option that's so nourishing and softening that we'll call it a conditioner. After use, the skin is so velvety, fragrant and satisfied that we cannot call it anything else.

The word conditioner is also suitable for the emulsifier used, i.e. BTMS emulsifying wax, whose super-ability is to smooth hair or skin. It can do this because of its positive charge, which ensures exactly what we want after a conditioner = to soften everything and get rid of static frizz. In addition, BTMS increases the "resistance" of the product to water, which we appreciate in all products that we apply in the shower or in the bath. Add cetearyl alcohol to BTMS to create a wonderfully rich product.

The oil phase consists of several very handy butters and oils (which are among the cheaper ones, after all, we will wash them off the skin). But if you don't have any of them, don't worry, you can mix the conditioner with two types of fat. But we really like this combination and recommend it, because thanks to it we conjure up a pleasant fullness and stiffness of the product, which is precisely mixed for use in the shower on wet skin. And don't forget that by discarding the carrot oil, you will lose the bright sunshine yellow color.

The water phase is simple – distilled water, mildly scented hydrolat and moisturizing vegetable glycerin . Since we wash off the conditioner in the shower, we can give the glycerin a chance to shine and use a generous amount, the kind that might feel sticky in a leave-in product.

TIP: If you want to know more about glycerin, take a look here, it's a great multifunctional ingredient!

Products containing water (or those that come into contact with water during use) need to be preserved so that they do not spoil and remain safe. We will not allow Cosgard, which is cheap and effective. In turn, the absorption of fats will significantly delay vitamin E.

To make the product truly exceptionally caring, we added hydration and elasticity-providing wheat protein, bisabolol, which will please irritated and sensitive skin, and strengthening provitamin panthenol B5.

We chose scents reminiscent of summer, fresh, yet herbal - we combined rosemary, bay laurel and lemon eucalyptus and we really like the result. Of course, you can adjust and tune your scents to your liking. And about the smell... in our conditioner you can see ylang ylang flower water, which, however, smells rather distinct and specific. A more fragrant choice would be, for example  lemon balm, verbena or sweet-orange water.

May the production be successful!

Fresh caring body conditioner - how to make a shower body lotion

What does it take?

Water phase - heat

- 30 grams of distilled water

- 20 grams of vegetable glycerin

- 20 grams of flower water or hydrolat

Oil phase - heat

- 6 grams of BTMS

- 7 grams of castor oil

- 5 grams of almond butter

- 4 grams of grape butter

- 3 grams of carrot oil or carrot macerate

- 2 grams of cocoa butter

- 1 gram of cetearyl alcohol

Add when cooling

- 0.5 grams of wheat protein

- 0.5 grams of panthenol B5

- 0.5 grams of Cosgard preservative

- 0.2 grams of essential oils (we used rosemary, litseu cubebu and lemon eucalyptus)

- 0.2 grams of bisabolol

- 0.1 gram of vitamin E

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath (pour about 3 cm of water into a sufficiently large saucepan and heat it on a moderate level).

Weigh all the ingredients from the oil phase into a heatproof bowl or glass. Place the bowl in a water bath and let it dissolve. Then, in the other bowl, mix the ingredients of the water phase, weigh it, and place it in the water bath next to the bowl with the oil phase. Allow both to heat until the ingredients in the oil phase are liquid and both phases reach the same temperature.

After about a quarter of an hour, everything will be dissolved. Remove the water phase, weigh it again and if part of the water has evaporated add distilled water so that the water balance has the same weight as before heating. Then remove the oil phase from the water bath. Pour the water phase into the oil phase and mix with a silicone spatula.

Grab your hand blender and start whipping your mixture carefully. Blend for about a minute, then let the mixture cool for about 10 minutes, blend again for a minute, then let it cool again and repeat until the glass is almost cold and the mixture inside is stiff and creamy.

When the conditioner is cool, take about a spoonful of it into a small bowl. Then, gradually weigh (tip: you need to use an accurate scale, look at this) the ingredients that we add while cooling and mix (this way we minimize the "losses" of already small amounts of ingredients on the walls of the container). Once mixed, return this portion to the original mixture and mix or blend very well once more.

Now it's time to transfer the conditioner into suitable containers and start enjoying it!

How to use it?

In the shower, apply a generous amount of conditioner to washed skin (it's also great after shaving or directly after shaving!), massage, rinse and then just dry with a towel. You will see that no butter or milk will be needed.

Important notes

Although we add a preservative, our kitchens are not sterile laboratories and the product can go bad. As soon as you notice changes in color, smell or consistency, throw it out without mercy and start making a new one.

The quantity of the mentioned recipe is 100 grams so that you can easily adjust the proportions for other quantities. This dose fits perfectly into 100-120 ml containers.

I want to make it but I don't have all the ingredients

- You can replace hydrolate or flower water with distilled water

- The choice of essential oils or fragrances is up to you

- Instead of cetearyl alcohol, you can try stearic acid or cetyl alcohol

- Another preservative can be used instead of Cosgard

- You can try replacing butters and liquid oils with others. However, we recommend sticking to a ratio of 10 liquid oils and 11 butters

Raw materials
20g of vegetable glycerin
6g of BTMS
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
7g of castor oil
5g of almond butter
4g of grape butter
3g of carrot oil
Carrot oil, 50 ml

Carrot oil, 50 ml

10,53 EUR
2g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

29,04 EUR
1g of cetearyl alcohol
0.5g of wheat protein
Wheat protein hydrolyzed, 100 ml

Wheat protein hydrolyzed, 100 ml

8,08 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
0.5g of panthenol B5
Panthenol provitamin B5 75%, 20 ml

Panthenol provitamin B5 75%, 20 ml

2,64 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
0.5g of Cosgard preservative
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

2,64 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
0.2g of rosemary essential oil
Rosemary essential oil, 10 ml

Rosemary essential oil, 10 ml

5,29 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
0.2g of bisabolol
Bisabolol, 10 ml

Bisabolol, 10 ml

7,93 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
0.1g of vitamin E
Vitamin E natural, 50 g

Vitamin E natural, 50 g

21,15 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
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