Fragrant chocolate lip balm

30 min
Fragrant chocolate lip balm
This nourishing lip balm with an intoxicating chocolate scent is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. It has only one flaw in its beauty - it is so fragrant that it tempts you to eat it!More information
Ingredients for this recipe20g of cocoa butter15g of mango butter20g of jojoba wax8g of liquid soy lecithin10 drops of Dark Chocolate cosmetic fragranceCastor oilBrown colored oxide
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The right gift under the tree

Although Christmas still remains a very commercial affair, the saying " there is beauty in simplicity " is not easily forgotten. More and more people appreciate a rather simple Christmas, when we are all together and happy. That's why there is nothing more beautiful than to make a gift at home instead of buying unnecessary crap, and one that will definitely not get lost. And that's exactly what you can say about our chocolate lip balm. Even those who stubbornly claim that they don't want anything for Christmas will appreciate it - because who could resist it?

There's more...

When making chocolate lip balm, we can fill several tubes or boxes in one go, so we can create a decent supply of balms, and/or we can give gifts to mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends.

Fun in the making

In the end, you will definitely be so engrossed in the making of the balm that you will return to it many times. Our version of this balm is simple, chocolate, but you can mix your own ideal scent with the help of cosmetic fragrances and essential oils. How about trying to add, for example, rose or rosemary in addition to the chocolate scent? And for lovers of the famous chocolate with mint filling, this eucalyptus essential oil is also a clear choice.

Color experiments

We can also experiment with colors. If you are mainly concerned with function and would rather appreciate a plain balm, you do not need to add color or fragrance and be satisfied with the base of the balm. And if you really like experimenting, you can choose from a lot of mica powders in our e-shop. You can also add sparkles and glitter to the balm according to your imagination, look here! And let's not forget that a large range of colors is offered by colored oxides, with which we can play like a painter with colors on a palette, and thus mix the desired colorant and its intensity.

Christmas package

If we want to calm our nerves a little during the Christmas rush with manual activities, we can "sacrifice" more than one December evening for the production of homemade cosmetics. After all, we can fully cosmetically equip our lovely recipient and create a special chocolate package with natural cosmetics. In addition to the lip balm, we can also throw in this chocolate body butter or cream with orange and chocolate and hand cream with cocoa butter. This practical solid body cream also smells like chocolate.

She + Him with the smell of chocolate

And while we're on the chocolate wave, we can also put together a cute chocolate "couple" gift, for example for mom and dad. We will give mom a package of chocolate cosmetics, and in the package for dad, dark chocolate and other sweets such as homemade marshmallows, instant chocolate or organic nougat cream. And if they get jealous, they can always share!

And now let's go!

What does it take?

For approx. 60 ml of balm - adjust the recipe as needed, if you are making just for yourself, not for the whole neighborhood or family, half the amount will be fine :)

On the basis

- 20 grams of cocoa butter

- 15 grams of mango butter

- 20 grams of jojoba wax (or candelilla, olive or carnauba wax)

- 8 grams of liquid soy lecithin

For color and smell

- 10 drops of Dark Chocolate cosmetic fragrance

- 15 to 20 drops of chocolate color

- We can make dye in several ways. The basis is always castor oil , in which we mix either cocoa or brown colored oxide

How to do it?

Add jojoba wax, cocoa butter, mango butter and soy lecithin to a fireproof glass bowl. We create a water bath, i.e. we immerse the bowl in a pot that is approximately 1/3 filled with boiling water. Leave it there for at least 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the ingredients are well dissolved and combined. When we take the bowl out of the bath, we dry it, being careful not to get water into the mixture. Water in these products always means trouble - where there is water, there is a risk of mold, and such a mini drop of water can significantly reduce the shelf life of the balm. Mix the fragrance and color into the mixture and you can dose the finished balm, but...

...where with him?

This strange question will certainly meet us many times in our lifetime, so it must not be missing even in the production of this balm, which of course we have to put in something, right? This tube is ideal, but we can store it, for example, in a nice blue egg or a slightly larger aluminum box.


We can make several changes in the ingredients needed for production, for example, we can use refined shea butter instead of mango butter, and we can replace ordinary cocoa butter with dark. This will color the balm on its own, so we may not need to color it any further, and if so, at least. However, we must not expect that after applying the chocolate balm, our lips will also have the color of chocolate. If we want to achieve such an effect, we must definitely add more color components.

And what color will your homemade balm be?

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Raw materials
20g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

29,04 EUR
15g of mango butter
20g of jojoba wax
Jojoba wax, 200 g

Jojoba wax, 200 g

16,99 EUR
8g of liquid soy lecithin
10 drops of Dark Chocolate cosmetic fragrance
Castor oil
Brown colored oxide
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