Foaming & effervescent bath parfait – a layered bath bomb in a bottle

45 min
Foaming & effervescent bath parfait – a layered bath bomb in a bottle
Silky bubbles, seductive foam, perfumed air, cheerfully colored water. The healing and pain-relieving effects of Epsom salts, the cleansing powers of baking soda, and most importantly… the fun to make that will captivate kids and adults alike!More information
Ingredients for this recipe168g of baking soda84g of citric acid43.5g of SLSa1.5g of fragrance of Rose and Neroli1.5g of Eucalyptus1.5g of mica powdersEpsom powder
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We will mix, mix some more, divide and add, mix again, layer, enjoy and then enjoy a fragrant happy bath full of beneficial effects. The layered sparkling wine in an eye-pleasing bottle will also serve as a wonderful gift for your loved ones and at the same time will entertain the little ones during holidays or rainy weekends.

Bath parfait? What is it?

The bath parfait (as we called it after those delicious layered desserts in a glass) hides and combines the wonderful abilities of bath salts, bath foam and bath bombs. When you pour the parfait into the filling tub, you will be pleasantly surprised by the delicately thick foam, similar to a delicious cappuccino, and at the same time the ear caressing effervescence. The water will become soft, fragrant, colorful and especially caring. Just dive into it!

A soothing and almost meditative production

Making a bath parfait is particularly easy and particularly fun. You'll have fun mixing colors, trying out different layering patterns, and marveling at the shimmering salts and mica powders. Because we don't work with any heat, mixer, knife and we don't heat anything on the stove, this is a great activity for children (just watch out for the possible stirring of small particles of ingredients during wild mixing:).

Different packaging, different salts, different aromas, different effects

Play around with the choice of packaging to use for your parfait. Glass resealable jars, jars or containers will come in handy to let your creation shine. Try bottles with cork caps, mini bottles suitable for one dose or perhaps beautiful elegant packaging with a golden aluminum lid.

Choose the scent and colors yourself. You can create a scent with essential oils, essential oils or cosmetic scents (the latter will smell the most intensely). Mica powders and various sparkles and glitters will take care of cheerful colors.

You can also choose from a number of different salts. We recommend using the great and effective bitter Epsom salt (what can it do?). Pink Himalayan salt also looks great. If, like us, you use "water drawing" salts, such as Dead Sea salt, be sure to consume very quickly - the moisture will begin to penetrate all the ingredients, which will solidify in a few days. Therefore, if you are going to make a parfait for stock or as a gift, use only Epsom and, for example, Himalayan salt.

You will make about 300 grams of the mixture from the proportions given in the recipe, the number of parfaits then depends on the size of the chosen packaging (enough for about 5 bottles with cork caps, which you see in the photos).

What does it take?

- 168 grams of baking soda

- 84 grams of citric acid

- 43.5 grams of SLSa

- 3 grams of fragrance (we chose a combination of Rose and Neroli + Eucalyptus)

- About 1.5 grams of mica powders (in the photos you can see the shades Blueberry, Fiery Fusion, Fantasia Pink; the yellow powder is Dried Yogurt)

- Salts according to preferences – Epsom powder, Epsom crystals, Himalayan, from the Dead Sea

How to do it?

In a large bowl, mix together the baking soda, citric acid and SLS (make sure to break up any lumps). Then add the selected scents and mix well with a spatula into the entire mixture.

Divide the resulting mixture into smaller bowls (their number depends on the number of colors you want to make). Add your chosen mica powder to each bowl and mix again.

Prepare the Epsom salt and any other salt you will be using.

And let's layer, south!

Pour the colored powders into the transparent containers and alternate with the salts as you like, until you fill the container completely (the more, the better - this will limit the movement of the powder in the container and the mixing of the individual layers). You can smooth the layers with the back of a spoon to create even stripes, or leave them deliberately "wrinkled and bumpy" to create interesting textures.

And that's all!

Don't forget to close the container well and then enjoy the parfait in the bath or treat someone with it.

Raw materials
168g of baking soda
84g of citric acid
Citric acid, 1 kg

Citric acid, 1 kg

5,83 EUR
43.5g of SLSa
1.5g of fragrance of Rose and Neroli
1.5g of Eucalyptus
1.5g of mica powders
Epsom powder
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