Foaming bath butter with real raspberries

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Foaming bath butter with real raspberries
Is it butter or is it bubble bath? Both! It washes, but at the same time nourishes and hydrates, and even helps with shaving. Finely whipped for a cotton-like feel, scented with raspberry for a raspberry-like scent.More information
Ingredients for this recipe225g of foam bath butter28g of raspberry oil3g of vitamin EA few drops of raspberry scent2 spoons of raspberry powderOptionally up to 2 teaspoons of Mica powder Cool rosaA suitable glass
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Bath foam that is also a caring butter

Foam butter, which is one of the main ingredients of this light and fluffy bath foam, contains, among other things, glycerin. It can also be used in the production of many other cosmetic products, for example you can use it great for shaving. But we put it in this foam - thanks to the glycerin content, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant sensation of hydrated skin after stepping out of this fragrant raspberry bath. In addition, you don't have to worry about using this foam, even if you have drier skin prone to irritation. She is friendly too!

How is it actually used?

If you are wondering how to use such a whipped bath foam-butter, here is the answer. This stuff has a lot of great features - it's soft, nourishing, but it also lathers! So all you have to do is take a small amount of foam in your hand and lather up beautifully. You "feed" your skin in this way, and in addition, you create a beautiful foam in the bath. You can then simply put some of the whipped foam under running water, where it foams up like a classic bath foam. In short, it's a universal product that you can't get enough of!


We mainly wanted the foam to be almost the embodiment of a juicy raspberry, so now we will look at what ingredients helped us with this, or which you can also use in your foam. You don't have to look only at our recipe, grab a handful of courage and feel free to add some ingredients so that the smell or color is more intense and exactly according to your imagination.

So what can you use?

That's the smell!

To make the foam bath really smell like a raspberry bush full of juicy fruits, use raspberry aromatic extract. It is a mixture of natural aromatic molecules and raspberries. So if you want to add a 100% natural fragrance to the foam, this option is just for you.

Another option is this cosmetic fragrance. The raspberry scent is fresh and very realistic indeed, with mild base notes of musk and dried fruit. Hmmm…

And for us, it's best to use both! The extract gets along great with the scent, and then it's just the right thing... raspberry!

Color like raspberry

Do you want the foam to have a cute, soft pink color, to be a little richer, or maybe even a dark red? The decision is yours, but you can have it all! :)

Raspberry powder helps with this , which is actually just raspberries processed into a powder form, so it's the most authentic raspberry ingredient possible to add color to the foam.

You can also use one of the mica powders, which are natural dyes that are often used in natural cosmetics. And you don't have to stick to the raspberry color at all. Simply give your foam any color you like or make it glittery!

With raspberry oil

Raspberry bath foam without raspberry oil? That wouldn't even be possible! This cold-pressed oil has amazing effects on our skin, so we don't put it in the foam just because it fits thematically. :)

It is also suitable for more sensitive skin, helps with eczema and pimples, but can also reduce signs of aging.

If you haven't heard of it, it's also amazing as a natural sunscreen. And since the sun is peeking out more and more often, don't hesitate and caress it here and there, at least on your face and décolleté, which are most exposed to the sun. The sun is pleasantly warm, but if we don't protect ourselves from it a little, the consequences can be unpleasant.

TIP: Peeling with raspberry granules

If you love body scrubs, you can easily make one with this whipped foam. Just add some exfoliant, to achieve a 100% raspberry feeling we definitely recommend raspberry granules, but of course you can also try other natural exfoliants. We adore them all! Come here.

But now let's get into production!

What does it take?

- 225 g of foam bath butter

- 2 tablespoons (28 g) of raspberry oil

- Half a teaspoon (3 g) of vitamin E

- A few drops (up to 5, the foam can tolerate the smell more) of raspberry scent or raspberry aromatic extract

- 2 spoons or the amount according to the desired color of raspberry powder

- Optionally up to 2 teaspoons of selected mica powder

- A suitable glass, for example this one will look very nice

How to do it?

In a medium-sized bowl, mix the foam bath butter with raspberry oil and beat both ingredients well with a hand mixer or whisk. Then we add raspberry aromatic extract, vitamin E and raspberry powder and mix until we have a beautifully fluffy and rich foam.

After that, we can dose the mixture into a glass and place it ideally close to the bathtub - so that we can immediately reach for it when we need relaxation!

Raspberries in May?

Yes, of course we know that we will have to wait a little longer for real raspberries, but why not have them already in May? This fragrant foam is an absolutely ideal gift for the first of May, which is fast approaching. And you don't have to splurge at all - make a double batch of this rich body care and give it to your beloved mother on Mother's Day!

Well, if raspberries are not exactly what your or your loved ones' nose is craving, don't be afraid to play around with other scents. Moms will certainly appreciate the delicate palmarosa or feminine tea rose, and the little ones will appreciate the fun foam that smells like bananas.

Gifts? Yes please!

Speaking of gift-giving, we'll give you a few ideas on what else would be good to add to a cosmetic package for a loved one.

To make it go well with us, you can also add whipped body butter with green tea and moringa. And whether you have a set, you won't spoil anything with a fragrant blueberry shower or this shower gel, but don't forget to add some juicy fruit oil to it, so that you have a package nicely tuned to fruity tones.

Did you stick to the recipe or did you make the foam a little differently?

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Raw materials
225g of foam bath butter
28g of raspberry oil
3g of vitamin E
A few drops of raspberry scent
2 spoons of raspberry powder
Optionally up to 2 teaspoons of Mica powder Cool rosa
A suitable glass
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