Foaming bath butter & peeling - mint + chocolate + vanilla

30 min
Foaming bath butter & peeling - mint + chocolate + vanilla
Simple instructions for the fun production of whipped foaming bath butter, which you can easily turn into a pleasant shower scrub. It creates a rich lather in the bath, nourishes and gently cleanses the skin and smells wonderfully of fresh mint, sweet vanilla and chocolate cocoa.More information
Ingredients for this recipe250g of foamed butter(OPC)30g of cocoa butter8g of coco silicone1.5g peppermint essential oil0.5g of vanilla fragranceSpoonful of exfoliant
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One foundation, several products

Foam butter, which is the basis of a light and fluffy bath foam, contains emollient glycerin, and although you will not find soap or surfactants in its composition, it can impeccably clean the skin of the body and face. So you don't have to worry about it, even if you have drier skin prone to irritation. It can also be used to make a number of formulations and is also great for making shaving foam. Today we will use it to create a whipped bath butter and at the same time a gentle body scrub - so two products in a row.

What can it do?

Bath foam butter can do a lot. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, cleans but also lathers wonderfully and makes bathing very enjoyable. So the butter can be used directly on the skin, scoop up a little and lather, then wash off and enjoy the velvet in the water and on the skin. You can easily create a classic foam bath with whipped butter, when you slide any amount of butter under running water. The butter is also perfect as a shaving foam or for the production of peeling, when a selected exfoliant is mixed into the finished whipped butter. In short, it's a universal product that you can't get enough of!

Silky feel, uplifting fragrance

We add cocoa butter to the basic foam butter, which not only provides beneficial skin care, but also gives the butter a delicate chocolate scent. We refresh the sweet and rich aroma of chocolate with sparkling mint and add slightly woody vanilla. The resulting scent is refreshing, yet pleasantly grounding and will be pleasant at any time of day or season.

For even greater softness of the skin and glide over the skin (for possible use of butter as a shaving foam), we add a drop of coco silicone, i.e. a plant-based alternative to silicone, which wonderfully softens and softens the skin and hair.

Peeling butter

If you also want a body scrub (and we highly recommend it), you can make a nice scrub in just a few seconds when making bath butter. All you have to do is whip or mix the selected exfoliant into the ready-made butter, we used crushed apricot seeds that we had on hand. But green coffee seeds or jojoba beads or castor pearls will be perfect here.

Whisk in hand, let's go!

What does it take?

- 250 grams of foamed butter (OPC)

- 30 grams of cocoa butter

- 8 grams of coco silicone

- 1.5 grams of peppermint essential oil

- 0.5 grams of vanilla fragrance

- About a spoonful of exfoliant when making a peeling

How to do it?

Melt the cocoa butter in a water bath. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, start whisking the basic bath butter on low.

Once the cocoa butter is liquid, remove it from the water bath and let it cool for a while. Then slowly beat the cocoa butter into the foam base. Also add coco silicone, essential oil and fragrance.

If you want to make a peeling as well, take the selected amount of finished bath butter and transfer it to the selected package. Then mix the exfoliant into the rest of the butter in the bowl and store the finished product in another container.

The amount of butter will double in volume when whipped. But be careful not to overbeat, the fluffy butter will "fall".

And it is done!

Raw materials
250g of foamed butter(OPC)
30g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

29,04 EUR
8g of coco silicone
1.5g peppermint essential oil
0.5g of vanilla fragrance
Vanilla, 10 ml

Vanilla, 10 ml

3,15 EUR
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