Easter soap eggs

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Easter soap eggs
Playful and easy making Easter eggs from soap, ideal for creating with children.More information
Ingredients for this recipeAbout 550 grams of shea butter soap mass30 drops of orange essential oil30 drops of Lemongrass essential oilSilicone mold for oval soapsBase for making perfumeSpray bottleMica Fantasia pinkMica Electric blueMica Apple shimmer
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Easter is almost here! And with them a reason to create and rejoice in colors and the coming spring. These wonderful Easter soaps will be a great spring decoration for your bathrooms, but they will also be useful as an income for carolers. We would much rather get such soap Easter eggs made from natural ingredients, which smell nice and wash well, than eggs from chickens. What will you choose?

The production process is easy, but very fun and playful. Big kids, little ones and adults will definitely enjoy creating. :) And the finished Easter soaps are really beautiful and will surely put a smile on the face of anyone who gets their hands on them.

We scented Kraslice with fresh scents that are extremely suitable for the spring holidays - gently sweet orange essential oil and citrus-spicy lemongrass oil. But of course you choose the fragrances that suit you.

The base material here is the soap material enriched with shea butter, which gives the soaps softness and leaves the skin soft and nourished after washing. The substance foams wonderfully and binds scents perfectly. Well, it is also very easy to work with, because it dissolves well both in a water bath and in the microwave. Perfect for crafting with kids!

We left the mass white to look like white Easter eggs, which are often used for decoration. But if you would like your soaps to be colored, simply add mica powders, biolglitters, colored oxides, clay or perhaps herbs to the mass. In the same way, the decoration can be colored and shaped in a different way, just buy several mica powders and let your imagination run wild.

Easter soap Easter eggs will be a playful, tasteful and nature-friendly income, and you will certainly enjoy making them and brighten up the spring holiday season. Enjoy it a lot!

What does it take?

For 6 Easter soaps

- About 550 grams of soap mass with shea butter

- 30 drops of orange essential oil

- 30 drops of Lemongrass essential oil

- Silicone mold for oval soaps

- Base for making perfume

- Spray bottle

- Mica powders in several colors

How to do it?

Cut the soap mass into cubes and place in a heat-resistant container in a water bath. Allow to dissolve slowly, stirring occasionally. The mass can be dissolved quickly even in the microwave oven - slide the chopped soap into a suitable container, cover with a lid, and heat the mass at lower power and after shorter intervals of no more than thirty seconds. After each heating interval, stir the mass so that everything dissolves evenly. Mix essential oils, fragrances and possibly mica powder into the dissolved mass if you want the eggs to be colored throughout.

Lightly spray the molds with ethanol (the base for the production of perfume), pour the dissolved soap mass into them, and spray the cast soap with alcohol immediately afterwards. Alcohol is not necessary, but it will ensure that there are no bubbles on the soap, and the surface of the soaps will be beautifully shiny and smooth.

Now all you have to do is let the soaps harden, which will take about 20 minutes in the cold, an hour in the warmer months.
When the soaps are solid, take them out of the molds and if you want to decorate them, prepare small bowls in which you mix about a teaspoon of mica powder with a drop of alcohol. Dip the brushes in the paint and paint the soap as desired. The paint is dry in seconds.
Store the finished soaps in airtight containers. It is ideal to wrap each soap in cling film so that air and moisture cannot reach it. And it is done!

Raw materials
About 550 grams of shea butter soap mass
30 drops of orange essential oil
30 drops of Lemongrass essential oil
Silicone mold for oval soaps
Base for making perfume
Spray bottle
Mica Fantasia pink
Mica fantasia pink (pink), 10 g

Mica fantasia pink (pink), 10 g

2,26 EUR
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Mica Electric blue
Mica blue (Electric Blue), 10 g

Mica blue (Electric Blue), 10 g

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Mica Apple shimmer
Mica Apple Shimmer, 10 g

Mica Apple Shimmer, 10 g

2,26 EUR
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