Cosmetic sulfur and why to make micellar water with it

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Cosmetic sulfur and why to make micellar water with it
If you want 100% natural cosmetics and purchased synthetic products are not good for you, reach for this micellar with inorganic sulfur. It is also great for sensitive skin prone to irritation and it couldn't be easier to make.More information
Ingredients for this recipe90.3g of flower water2.2g of Water-in-oil emulsifier3g of D panthenol619(1)2g of glycerin1g of inorganic sulfurA pinch 0.5g of allantoin1g of Leucidal preservative100 ml bottleSeal
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January is a time of great changes - we stick to our resolutions tooth and nail and try to live healthy, lose weight, detoxify the body... Cosmetics are also closely related to a healthy lifestyle. When we make it at home ourselves, we know exactly what it contains down to the last ingredient, and that is certainly a big advantage.

Post-Christmas irritation

After Christmas and New Year's Eve, our skin can be quite irritated. Few people forbid themselves to let loose during celebrations, so our body often has to deal with the effects of tons of sugar and higher amounts of alcohol, which we indulge in abundance during the holidays.

Often, the body gives way to its irritation through the skin - and so it can happen that at the beginning of the new year, our face is decorated with quite a few pimples.

So how do we get our skin to be as clear as the new year that lies before us? The answer is: cosmetic sulfur!

What is cosmetic sulfur?

Cosmetic sulfur has great effects not only on the skin, but also on bones, teeth, muscles and hair, for example.

Sulfur has been used in skin care for centuries, and it's not just that, there has to be something in it. It has antibacterial effects, so it can eliminate bacteria that would otherwise clog pores or otherwise lead to acne on our face. Likewise, its regular use is a good prevention against such carrion.


Cosmetic sulfur can also deal with redness and also fights against excessive sebum production, so with its help we can get rid of unpleasantly oily and shiny skin.

Due to its great effects on the skin, inorganic sulfur is often included in various skin masks that you can find in traditional drugstores. And you can also find products with cosmetic sulfur here - for example, in this great zinc soap for sensitive skin.

But you can also use sulfur when washing, for example in this literally perfect soap.

We have already talked about the positive effect on hair, but you can also try it yourself, for example in this hair infusion, which will beautifully nourish and strengthen your mane.

But now it's time to make a wonderful micellar with cosmetic sulfur!

What does it take?

On 100 ml bottle

- 90.3 g of distilled or flower water

- 2.2 g of water-in-oil emulsifier

- 3 g of D panthenol

- 2 g of glycerin

- 1 g of inorganic sulfur

- A pinch (approximately 0.5 g) of allantoin

- 1 g of Leucidal preservative


How to do it?

First, drop the emulsifier into the bottle, then slowly add the water, finally add all the other ingredients and mix thoroughly. If the allantoin does not want to dissolve completely, we can heat the liquid slightly in a water bath. The resulting liquid will have a milky yellow color.

We use this micellar with sulfur in exactly the same way as any other micellar water. With the help of a cotton swab, rub and clean the skin twice a day.

And what are your experiences with cosmetic sulphur?

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Raw materials
90.3g of flower water
2.2g of Water-in-oil emulsifier
3g of D panthenol619(1)
2g of glycerin
Glycerin - palm free, 200 g

Glycerin - palm free, 200 g

2,64 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
1g of inorganic sulfur
Inorganic sulfur 99.9%, 100 g

Inorganic sulfur 99.9%, 100 g

7,93 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
A pinch 0.5g of allantoin
Allantoin, 100 g

Allantoin, 100 g

5,29 EUR
Chyba při zobrazování komponenty 'AddToCart3'
1g of Leucidal preservative
Leucidal, 30 ml

Leucidal, 30 ml

10,58 EUR
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100 ml bottle
Glass bottle without cap, blue, 100 ml

Glass bottle without cap, blue, 100 ml

0,75 EUR
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Cap with locking ring without dropper, white, 1 pc

Cap with locking ring without dropper, white, 1 pc

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