Cold emulsification - lotion for babies

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Cold emulsification - lotion for babies
Today we will take a look at cold emulsification with a recipe from Mrs. Blažena. More information
Ingredients for this recipeMarigold flowerApricot oil7g of Ester sugar emulsifier15g of chamomile hydrolate0.3g of guarana gum5g of freeze-dried mare's milk3g of hydrolyzed wheaten proteinBlue chamomile essential oil Lavender essential oil20 drops of Naticide preservative
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What will be needed?


- 17 grams of calendula oil macerate (if you want to make it at home, then it will be great to use apricot oil for this purpose)

- 7 grams of Ester sugar emulsifier


- 15 grams of chamomile hydrolate (take care of it, it is one of the flower waters that have calming and healing effects - first aid water - even an ordinary poultice will do wonders)

- 39 grams of demineralized water to which you add

- 0.3 grams of guarana gum ...and you will create a gel

- 10 grams of aloe vera extract (healing and excellent moisturizing)


- 3 grams of demineralized water in which to mix

- 5 grams of freeze-dried mare's milk (soothes and regenerates irritated and dry skin in small children)

- 3 grams of hydrolyzed wheaten protein (excellent hydration supplement)

Essential oils

- Blue chamomile (1 drop) + lavender (4 drops), or at least 5 drops of that lavender if you don't have chamomile, which I would understand if you're starting out with essential oils - it's quite expensive!

- 20 drops of NATICIDE preservative – is a gentler choice for children

Why does the emulsifier get cold?

If you do not heat the raw materials to more than 40°C, you do not destroy the heat-sensitive components in them, they will remain there!

Raw materials
Marigold flower
Apricot oil
7g of Ester sugar emulsifier
Sugar ester, 30 g

Sugar ester, 30 g

8,43 EUR
15g of chamomile hydrolate
0.3g of guarana gum
5g of freeze-dried mare's milk
3g of hydrolyzed wheaten protein
Blue chamomile essential oil
Chamomile blue, 10 ml

Chamomile blue, 10 ml

6,29 EUR
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Lavender essential oil
Lavender essential oil, 10 ml

Lavender essential oil, 10 ml

3,27 EUR
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20 drops of Naticide preservative
Naticide, 5 ml

Naticide, 5 ml

5,26 EUR
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