Cleansing face mask with green clay, spirulina and mint à la Lush

Cleansing face mask with green clay, spirulina and mint à la Lush
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Cleansing face mask with green clay, spirulina and mint à la Lush

Do you also love face masks from Lush?
I mean, I'll never forget to take a sample of Mask of Magnaminty. And so I thought the other day - why don't you make one? So I made her. With a slightly altered composition. And she is perfect!


You will need:


How to do it:
I wanted to use the popular saying "it's as simple as a slap", but the right, balanced slap is not that easy to give ; making a mask is much more trivial.


First, mix the wet ingredientsgel, glycerin and honey – in a 5:5:3 ratio in a bowl. Add some peppermint EO and mix.
To the base , add 4 parts bentonite, 2 parts clay, 1 part spirulina and, when you admire the perfect blue color enough, 3 parts jojoba beads , which are perfectly gentle for exfoliating the sensitive skin of the face.
Mix and apply! Thanks to the stable ingredients, you also have a stable mask - it can take care of you in the fridge and, theoretically, outside of it as long as you don't have to start the next batch.
Now it will be enough for you to be lucky to rub a beautiful green mixture on yourself at every free moment , or jump on an unsuspecting friend or take a selfie.
And why do you even want this mask?
OK, time for valid arguments.
Spirulina does stink, but in combination with soothing and cooling mint, you won't even notice it - but its cleansing and astringent effects definitely do! This superfood full of beta-carotene will also come in handy with food, or mix it with yogurt and you have mask No. 2 in the world.
Honey is able to perfectly nourish and brighten the skin , in addition, it is supposed to treat acne and help heal dry spots faster. Allergy sufferers can replace it with a larger amount of gel, but I recommend it in this amount; I myself am topically allergic to it, but I have no problem with this mask!
Bentonite and green clay will do a similar service for you, in addition, you can use them as a separate mask after mixing with yogurt or plain water. Especially oily skin suffering from acne will appreciate them ; these two magical powders will remove impurities from your skin with complete clarity.
Fine jojoba beads not only look great, but at the same time provide you with a gentle exfoliation (tip: in a time press, take a little mask, mix it with a little water and use it only as an exfoliation) . Forget the harsh particles from drugstore products that will rub you to the bone; you will hardly feel this peeling, but the effect will be excellent - in addition, you will not irritate the skin and you will not disturb its natural protection.
Glycerin and gel bring all this beauty together , but they also help the skin retain moisture and heal minor imperfections with their combined powers.
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