Christmas cranberry balms with vanilla

Christmas cranberry balms with vanilla
A great recipe from Míša from the blog for a great gift made with love. The balms smell wonderful, gently tone, nourish and hydrate the lips.More information
Ingredients for this recipeCocoa butterBeeswaxCranberry oilAlmond butterMica powderVanilla essential oilBalm packaging
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What will be needed?

- Cocoa butter

- Beeswax

- Cranberry oil

- Almond butter

- Med

- Red, gold and/or pink mica powder

- Vanilla essential oil (Ekokoza has amazing vanilla that really smells bitter like a vanilla pod, it doesn't have to be)

How to do it?

Melt cocoa butter, wax, almond butter, honey and oil in a water bath in the ratio (this time I measured by weight, not volume, be careful) 4:3:3:3:2. Sprinkle the mica powder - generally about 2-30% of the volume is recommended, I started with gold (I decided to make two colored versions) and sprinkled more by hand.

Stir occasionally until the ingredients are combined (and try not to smell too much of that divine aroma of cranberry oil). Prepare your little ones. When the ingredients are perfectly mixed, add a few drops of vanilla essential oil and pour into small bowls while stirring constantly. Mixing is needed here so that the honey is evenly distributed in the finished balms.

I then returned part of the mixture back to the bath and added pink mica, which in combination with the gold created a light red effect. Otherwise, mica will not make your balm extra colorful, it will give more of a shine and a very fine shimmer, so if you want to make the balms colorful, add a bit of your favorite lipstick or drop a drop of "lip tint".

Finally, all you have to do is add the Christmas label (as you can see in the opening photo, I was very modest) and give away! In my opinion, no female person will despise the balm, especially since instead of Labella full of water and glycerin, she gets a concentrated dose of natural care in a cup.

TIP: If you have a vanilla pod at home, soak it in cranberry oil for a few days (similar to the instructions here), and you can achieve the aroma of cranberry with vanilla even without vanilla essential oil.

The mix of caring ingredients should ensure that even after an hour under the mistletoe, your lips will not be in a desolate state. The oil is full of antioxidants and vitamins (it is one of the best anti-aging oils, by the way), butters brilliantly nourish thin skin, honey and wax help preserve the natural moisture of the lips.

Raw materials
Cocoa butter
Cranberry oil
Almond butter
Mica powder
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