Cherry Lip Balm - How to Make Natural Homemade Lip Balm?

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Cherry Lip Balm - How to Make Natural Homemade Lip Balm?
Scented with cherries and chocolate, a bright pink lip care balm that soothes dry or chapped lips from winter and offers them gentle protection. Great for little and big geeks :)More information
Ingredients for this recipe17g of cherry oil14g of beeswax14g of coconut oil4g of cocoa butter0.5g of Fantasia pink mica powder0.25g of cherry fragrance0.25g of vitamin EPaper tube
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Fragrant and fun to make, it's more than simple and perfect for mixing with the kids or maybe with friends on one of those creative winter evenings. You can play with the intensity of the color and scent, choose different packaging for the balms and then adjust the labels for them. And we advise you well - make enough balms - because they are so great that you will want to show them off a little and give them to your loved ones. :)

Although the color looks wild, there is no need to fear that when applying the balm without a mirror, you will end up with pink even what is not supposed to be colored - the mica powder with which the balm is brightened will give an intense color to the product, but the lips or the skin around the lips in the mentioned it practically does not color the amount, it only adds a pleasantly healthy and juicy touch.

The star of the recipe is soft cold-pressed cherry oil. Cherry oil is similar to almond oil, but much lighter and less greasy. It can support the formation of new cells, thus accelerating the healing and regeneration of the skin, which is more than necessary in winter. In addition, it can also deal with fine wrinkles around the lips and overall ensure elasticity and satisfaction of the skin. We added fragile and fragrant cocoa butter, velvety coconut oil and creaminess-providing beeswax to the cherry oil. This combination creates just the right amount of glossy and pleasantly firm, yet great application and long-lasting lip balm.

We decided to light up the dark and strangely sad time with the already celebrated mica in deep pink color, which goes perfectly with cherry oil and fragrance. But the balm will be beautiful even without it or with a different color. And if your lips want a more expressive color, try adding a pinch of red oxide, which turns the balm into (almost) lipstick.

In order for the balm not only to contain and resemble cherries, but also to smell like them, you need to use a cherry cosmetic fragrance. Cherry oil, despite being cold-pressed, belongs to those oils that do not smell much of their original source and fruit. The balm is exquisite, scented only with cherries, underlined by a soft cocoa scent, which is naturally added to it by cocoa butter. But if you want to remember the delicious pralines of cherries in chocolate every time you apply the lip balm, add the scent of dark chocolate. Hmmm!

Ready-made balms look great in paper packaging, which do not get greasy with this formulation and look clean and elegant thanks to this. The distinctive color of the balm also stands out perfectly in transparent tubes or cups. The consistency of the balm is ideal for different packages and packaging. Which one will you choose?

Cherry lip balm with cocoa butter, cherry oil and soft gloss

What is needed?

Warming up

- 17 grams of cherry oil

- 14 grams of beeswax

- 14 grams of coconut oil

- 4 grams of cocoa butter

- 0.5 grams of Fantasia pink mica powder

Cooling down

- 0.25 grams of cherry fragrance

- 0.25 grams of vitamin E

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath. Weigh cherry oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and mica powder into a heat-resistant container and let them heat up in a water bath. While everything is dissolving, prepare the containers into which you will pour the mixture. If you use tubes, stack them next to each other and tie them with an elastic band - this way they will stay upright and the mixture will pour much better.

After about a quarter of an hour, everything in the bath will be dissolved. Remove the container from the water bath, mix the contents. Let it cool for a few minutes and then add the weighted fragrance and vitamin E to the mixture. Mix everything well again and then pour the liquid balm into the prepared containers. At least let the movement of the clock freeze without movement.

When the balms are solid, label the tube or cup as desired and use as any other lip balm.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

With the given recipe, you will make 50 grams of lip balm - it will be a little more in milliliters. Based on the selected packages and their volumes, you can easily calculate how many are needed. The amount is about 11 to 12 classic tubes.

If you want to replace the beeswax with vegan carnauba or candelilla wax, you may need to adjust the ratios slightly to achieve the desired consistency.

As you already know from the Guide to Vegetable Fat Substitutes:

Coconut oil can be replaced with babassu oil.

Cocoa butter replaces Tucuma butter.

The cherry oil can be replaced with another lighter oil, but you will lose the star of the recipe and its whole theme.

You can conjure up a different color of lip balm using other mica powders. Intense color on the lips is produced by red or orange oxide. You can omit the mica and replace its part with cherry oil.

Raw materials
17g of cherry oil
14g of beeswax
14g of coconut oil
4g of cocoa butter
Cocoa butter, 500 g

Cocoa butter, 500 g

14,90 EUR
0.5g of Fantasia pink mica powder
0.25g of cherry fragrance
0.25g of vitamin E
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