Caramel bath oil with healing and regenerating effects - how to make it?

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Caramel bath oil with healing and regenerating effects - how to make it?
You can use the healing bath or shower oil before or after bathing. It caresses and pleases irritated, sensitive and even eczematous skin of the whole body and is also great for shaving or as a relief after shaving. It smells and looks like caramel milk and you feel reborn after using it.More information
Ingredients for this recipe6g of oat silk40g of almond oil40g of sunflower oil20g of poppy seed oil24g of emulsifier Olivem 30012g of BTMS emulsifier18 drops of caramel cosmetic fragrance
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 Almond, sunflower and poppy oil combined in the base will provide healing, regenerating and caring abilities. In addition to their amazing effects, we chose them for their low price - so that we don't regret washing them off our skin). Almond oil contains a lot of vitamin D, sunflower oil is rich in linoleic acid, and poppy seed oil is rich in vitamin E and minerals. The combination is great for eczematous, problematic or weather-stressed skin, which you will surely notice after application. :)

We achieve the milky and moisture-locking effect with the help of two emulsifiers ( what are they?). Liquid Olivem 300, made with olive oil 'pomace', will help the water and oils to mix, nourish the skin and then wash off quickly too. For even more nourishing abilities and a silkier feeling on the skin, we also add a solid BTMS emulsifier, which pleasantly thickens the oil so that it does not run off too quickly and also serves as a shaving product (which we really recommend trying, unrivaled!). In addition, BTMS works as a conditioner - it literally caresses and smoothes the skin. So these two heroes make sure that as soon as you apply the oil to your skin, it turns into creamy, rich, nourishing milky beauty full of fabulous effects.

If you've been creating with us for a long time, the addition of oat silk probably won't surprise you. Oat silk soothes irritated and protects sensitive skin. It adds elasticity, hydrates and fights pimples and eczema. And that's what we want after most products. :)

This milky miracle will suit many aromas. We chose caramel, which goes extremely well with the milky effect and the slightly nutty aroma of oats. But you definitely can't go wrong with the relaxing classic in the form of lavender, and the scent of myrrh or frankincense would certainly be wonderful.

Lots of possible uses

We really enjoy products that boast multiple ways of use. This bath oil is no exception. Our most popular use is still in the shower or bath, as nourishment and stroking after using soap, when we massage the oil into the skin and then rinse it off. Since the oil is essentially a skin conditioner, the skin will remain soft and hydrated even after the oil is washed off.

If you also have to shave your hair in the shower, apply the oil to wet skin and get started! We promise that you have never experienced such a "slip" of a razor. Personally, this bath suit suits me and serves much better when shaving than various shaving foams or gels.

And that you prefer to lubricate your skin up to your feet on dry land, that is, after you get out of the bath or shower? You can still enjoy the oil. After gently drying with a towel (ideally so that the skin remains slightly moist), apply as desired. Don't be afraid of grease!

What does it take?

To approx. 150 ml

We heat up

- 6 grams of oat silk

- 40 grams of almond oil

- 40 grams of sunflower oil

- 20 grams of poppy seed oil

- 24 grams of emulsifier Olivem 300 (can be replaced with sulfated castor oil)

- 12 grams of BTMS emulsifier (can be replaced with another complete emulsifying wax)

Add when cooling

- 18 drops of caramel cosmetic fragrance

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath (pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and heat it on the stove).

Mix the oat silk in about a teaspoon of almond oil - try to "break up" any lumps and create a smooth mixture.

Then weigh almond, sunflower and poppy oil, Olivem 300, BTMS into a heat-resistant container and add the oat silk mixture. Place in a water bath and let dissolve.

In about a quarter of an hour, everything will be dissolved and evenly heated. Mix the mixture well and pour into a suitable container, a bottle with a pump would be ideal, add a drop of fragrance or essential oil, close and shake well.

What to put it in?

This elegant black 150 ml plastic bottle with a practical pump, which ensures that water does not get into the mixture (= bacteria do not start to form = no need to use a preservative) is great for the indicated quantity. (In the photo you can see a larger amount of oil in the soap packaging.)

How to use it?

Before use, shake the mixture in the bottle, squeeze out any amount and apply to damp skin directly in the shower before the final rinse or use as an instant body lotion after the bath and leave on the skin.

Raw materials
6g of oat silk
40g of almond oil
40g of sunflower oil
20g of poppy seed oil
24g of emulsifier Olivem 300
12g of BTMS emulsifier
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
18 drops of caramel cosmetic fragrance
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