Candles with a wooden wick and a fresh scent from rapeseed wax

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Candles with a wooden wick and a fresh scent from rapeseed wax
Simple instructions for making homemade candles with a wooden wick from canola (or other) wax. Decorated and scented with herbs, which you can change, combine or omit as you wish!More information
Ingredients for this recipeRapeseed waxWooden wicks and stabilizing platesA glass jarDried marigoldRose petalsGeranium essential oilTangerine essential oilLemon essential oil
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Candles with wooden wicks are one of those homemade creations that are perfect for those moments when you are overwhelmed by the overwhelming desire to let your imagination run wild and make something, but the watch is strictly showing you that there is no time to spare. Although it may not seem so at first glance, the production of candles is extremely simple and fast.

A grateful creation

What is beautiful about candle making is not only the entire creation process, but also the long-lasting joy of the product, which will accompany you not only every time you light a candle, but also when you look at it. Candles with a wooden wick can be a great home accessory that you can decorate as you wish. In the same way, candles are a wonderful gift that literally warms the heart, especially if they are handmade.

A delight for all the senses

If you are a lover of classic candles, believe me, you will also fall in love with those with a wooden wick. Wooden wicks burn a little differently, perhaps a little darker and more elegantly than cotton wicks. Looking at a burning wooden wick is a perfectly soothing activity. But that's not all! If you strain your ears well, you might even hear the soft crackle of burning wood, and that's just beautiful!

After a while, our sense of smell is added to hearing and sight. When the wax is heated, the aromas of essential oils and fragrances will spread, gently enveloping the household in herbal aromas. And that we still have two more senses left? The pleasant coolness of the jar or glass will surely satisfy your touch when you light and carry the candle, and you will delight your taste with the tea that you will surely enjoy while the candle is lit. :)

Waxes, fragrances, herbs

For our candles, we chose rapeseed wax, which is (surprisingly) made from rapeseed, but other waxes are also added to it, including beeswax, which ensures that the candle burns flawlessly. The mixture is mixed exactly according to the container candles. It adheres beautifully to the edges, does not form maps and does not peel off anywhere. If you like candles in jars, mugs or other containers, rapeseed wax will be just the thing! The great price of rapeseed wax is just the icing on the cake. :)

Because we wanted a candle that would evoke feelings of freshness, joy, but at the same time peace, we decorated it with dried herbs, marigold and rose. But you can of course leave out the herbs and leave the candle only pure white, or play around with herbs and other decorations. We kept freshness and delicacy even when choosing the fragrance and opted for a wonderful combination of geranium, tangerine and lemon, mmm...

So are we going to the production?

A candle in a glass with a wooden wick and the scent of spring

What does it take?

- Rapeseed wax

- Wooden wicks and stabilizing plates

- A glass jar or other container

- Dried marigold and rose petals

- Geranium, tangerine, lemon essential oils

How to do it?

We intentionally do not list the amount of wax and other ingredients in the list of ingredients. This always depends on what size candle tins you are using. Always take into account that the wax beads will "lose volume" as they melt. But you can easily estimate the amount by letting approximately 1.5 volumes of the chosen can of wax melt.

We always dissolve the wax in a water bath. The canola melts somewhere between 43°C and 50°C and should not reach a temperature higher than 85°C (so avoid heating the wax in the microwave). A great helper when melting the wax is also a jug, which can be placed in a water bath and with which, thanks to the spout and handle, the wax is conveniently poured into the prepared jars.

Place the container with the wax in the prepared water bath. Leave it to melt at a low temperature and in the meantime prepare the selected jars, in which you simply place a wooden wick with a clipped-in top, which you shortened beforehand to about the height of the jar (this is very easy with ordinary scissors or a knife). If you want the candles to really sizzle, heat the jars to around 50°C.

When the wax is liquid, remove the container from the water bath and dry it. Drip essential oils into the wax (canola wax can handle up to 12 scents, so be quite generous with the essential oils so that the candle smells at all...but always keep your nose's preferences in mind). Mix with a stick and simply pour the wax into the prepared jars. Let everything set at room temperature. If you want to decorate the candles with herbs, wait for the surface to harden at least slightly before decorating (remember, less is more, herbs are also flammable :)). Then allow the candles to rest for at least 48 hours before lighting them for the first time. Shorten the wick so that it extends about 3-5 millimeters above the wax (it's enough, we have it long in some photos, we took the photos before the final cut). And you're done!

Will you try wooden wicks?


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Raw materials
Rapeseed wax
Wooden wicks and stabilizing plates
A glass jar
Dried marigold
Rose petals
Geranium essential oil
Tangerine essential oil
Lemon essential oil
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