BeeBee cream - perfectly unifying BB cream

BeeBee cream - perfectly unifying BB cream
The BeeBee recipe that is Beezva - covers, unifies, leaves a sort of semi-matte finish, cares, smells like marzipan and is 100% natural!More information
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BeeBee cream - perfectly unifying BB cream

The recipe for BeeBee , which is Beezva - covers, unifies, leaves a kind of semi-matte finish, cares, smells like marzipan and is 100% natural!

The corrector wave of enthusiasm has not yet subsided and it has already been overtaken by the joy of today's DIY, which I bring you in collaboration with Ekokoza . This time the makeup was mixed . But crap, if it's like makeup but caring, it's a BB cream, right? On the other hand, it spreads a bit more , so BB is also not the right one. BeeBee is the real thing , and I thank Janda for the name, who named the cream for me yesterday on her Facebook blog. (Here you can see how much the blog needs you, because I originally played with the name EE cream . B to D is already taken, I'm continuing the alphabet. EE, as "really epic" or something like that, may be funny at first listen - yes, I smiled smugly - on the other hand, I don't see how many people would click on an article with a title indicating a sweaty child on the potty.)

Which is not quite the start of a cosmetic article like from a magazine. But if you transfer via EE, the beginning is waiting for you
Aloe vera came in a few versions – I have about 8 different BeeBee creams lying around – but the best version ended up being without the gel.
You will need:


In a bowl , first mix the loose ingredients for the base (omit the red ocher and yellow mineral oxide) . Mix titanium dioxide with pink and green clay and cocoa in a ratio (by volume) of 20:1:1:6. Add 18 parts butter and 6 parts oil to the base; mix well and take your time with it.
For crushing the tiny lumps in the oxide , a mortar pestle or the measuring spoon you see in the picture worked for me. If the mixture is not homogenous enough, you will not find your shade, and when you spread the BeeBee cream, it may happen that the lumps crumble under your fingers and instead of a healthy girl with a nice color, you will become a white lady.
Your foundation should be more or less white with a darker tinge due to the cocoa. Start adding red ocher and yellow oxide in small portions. And "small parts" really are miniature parts in the case of this recipe. Don't get carried away, add slowly in amounts that fit on the tip of a stick , and after each addition, don't forget to mix well and break up the miniature colored lumps again (just as you don't want to be a white lady, it's not your European dream to be a yellow or red lady either) . Given my base, I ended up adding just under two parts ocher and about two parts yellow oxide for my skin tone. You may need to add some cocoa as well. It may take some time to fine-tune the shade, but for the first time in your life you can mix the shade exactly according to you (not the Simpsons like most drugstore brands do) , so enjoy!
When you are satisfied with the shade (test classically on the interface between the neck and the face) , you can add one or two drops of essential oil , mix, transfer to a cup (or a glass with a pump, in which case I envy you, I don't currently have one at home) , and here you are done!
Not to mention, I also tried to take a photo of my face with BeeBee cream applied. It seems to be quite difficult when you try to be seen as little as possible and at the same time as good as possible, but let's do it. (Yeah, I don't have my brows painted on and I don't have blush or anything, but let's call it a photoshoot on Sunday, I'm too lazy to do makeup on Sundays.)
Mr. Pupínek from the post about concealer is gone (hallelujah) , so I will only be able to show you the coverage on the cross on my hand:
The coverage is quite good , with the BeeBee cream I can get by even on the super-veined eye area (if you intend the same and have sensitive eyes, be careful what and how much EO you add, if any) . The cream has a semi-matte effect on the skin, so powder lovers can continue to happily love powders and hate their haters. If you're used to layering your makeup, you won't go here unless you powder it - because it's slightly greasy , it would blend; but I have no problem with a thin layer, the size of a larger pea is more than enough for the whole face . In terms of staying power, there is definitely something to remove your make-up in the evening.
The skin is velvety with the BeeBee cream (I don't touch it at all every now and then) and looks well nourished. Not to mention - a good dose of vitamin E from olive butter and excellent plum oil do a good job. Thanks to the extra oil, the cream smells faintly of marzipan, which even Tom noticed.
Oxide provides SPF protection and has an antibacterial effect, heals eczema and acne , and even prevents skin problems, in which clays are a good second to it (if you don't want to buy all the ingredients, you can skip the clays).
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