Angel body and hand cream with hemp oil and shea butter - nourishing & fast absorbing

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Angel body and hand cream with hemp oil and shea butter - nourishing & fast absorbing
Silky, white, tender and light, yet very satisfying. Such is the Angel hand and body cream with hemp oil and shea butter, which will take care of skin irritated and cracked by the cold and wind and conjure up joy even under the tree.More information
Ingredients for this recipe20g of aloe vera hydrolate5g of sodium lactate5g of vegetable glycerin3g of panthenol2g of oat powder5g of organic hemp oil4g of natural shea butter3g of Olivem 1000 emulsifying wax1.5g of cetyl alcohol1g of hydrolyzed rice protein0.6g of Fucocert0.5g of allantoin0.3g of Leucidal0.1g of vitamin E0.1g of CardamomXanthan
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A cream for the hands and, ideally, the body, which richly nourishes the skin, hydrates, smells beautiful and is not at all greasy, so that greasy hands can immediately slip into gloves or reach for paper. That was our (and your :)) request for a winter cream, which will also be a beautiful gift under the tree. You will please everyone with this hand cream, especially this exceptional, angelic, cardamom and cubeb bay laurel scent.

Because we know that the packaging, especially if it will be a gift packaging, is very important, the formulation and texture of the cream is such that it can be dispensed well from all possible cans or tubes - the cream will get along perfectly with so-called airless bottles or pump packaging or in squeeze tubes, but with gentle thickening, which we will learn in the process, it will also be excellent in classic cups for creams or jars.

The stars of the cream are inflammation-suppressing virgin organic hemp oil and dense natural shea butter, which nourishes the skin, supports regeneration and pleasantly lubricates it. Vegetable glycerin, panthenol and sodium lactate will provide hydration, strength and healing abilities. Our beloved colloidal oat powder, regenerating allantoin and smoothing Fucocert will calm the irritation and protect it from further. For even greater creaminess and skin softening pleasure, we add Hydromilk hydrolyzed milk protein or rice protein. A cream made of oils, aloe vera hydrolate and all the above-mentioned ingredients will create an emulsifying wax with Olivem 1000, and richness will be provided by cetyl alcohol.

The winter, gentle, angelic scent is introduced by Cardamom cosmetic oil hiding black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg flower, to which we added a drop of sparkling, radiant and slightly citrusy Kubeb laurel.

What does it take?

Per 100 grams

Water phase - heat

- 48.9 grams of distilled water

- 20 grams of aloe vera hydrolate

- 5 grams of sodium lactate

- 5 grams of vegetable glycerin

- 3 grams of panthenol

- 2 grams of oat powder

Oil phase - heat

- 5 grams of organic hemp oil

- 4 grams of natural shea butter

- 3 grams of Olivem 1000 emulsifying wax

- 1.5 grams of cetyl alcohol

Cold phase - stir while cooling

- 1 gram of hydrolyzed rice protein

- 0.6 grams of Fucocert

- 0.5 grams of allantoin

- 0.3 grams of Leucidal preservative

- 0.1 gram of vitamin E

- 0.1 gram of fragrance – we recommend Cardamom and Litsea Cubeba

Xanthan or guar gum

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into a larger pot and let it heat up on the stove.

Weigh out all the ingredients from the oil phase into one heat-resistant container, in which you will later use the hand blender well, and place it in the prepared water bath. Weigh all the components of the water phase into the second heat-resistant container. Wait until the raw materials from the oil phase are almost dissolved (approx. 10 minutes) and then put the second container with the water phase into the water bath next to the oil phase so that it also heats up and all the components of both mixtures dissolve.

Once everything is liquid in both phases, remove both containers from the water bath. Prepare the stick blender. Pour the water phase into the container with the oil phase and mix everything with a spatula. Then use a stick blender to help and mix the mixture briefly a few times so that everything is well combined. Let the mixture cool for about 10 minutes. Then mix again for about a minute. Leave to cool, mix and repeat this about three to four times until the mixture is almost cold (you can tell by the fact that the wrapper will be cold too).

Mix all the remaining ingredients into the cooled mixture, which should now be beautifully creamy and thick.

If you use an airless bottle or a bottle with a pump, the texture will be just right. If you want the cream to be thicker so that it can be easily scooped out of the cup or jar with your fingers, add about 0.5 grams of xanthan or guar gum and mix well.

Once you're happy with the consistency, transfer the cream to your chosen container and enjoy!

Raw materials
20g of aloe vera hydrolate
5g of sodium lactate
5g of vegetable glycerin
3g of panthenol
2g of oat powder
5g of organic hemp oil
4g of natural shea butter
3g of Olivem 1000 emulsifying wax
1.5g of cetyl alcohol
1g of hydrolyzed rice protein
0.6g of Fucocert
Fucocert, 30 ml

Fucocert, 30 ml

2,59 EUR
0.5g of allantoin
Allantoin, 100 g

Allantoin, 100 g

5,29 EUR
0.3g of Leucidal
Leucidal, 30 ml

Leucidal, 30 ml

10,58 EUR
0.1g of vitamin E
0.1g of Cardamom
Cardamom, 10 ml

Cardamom, 10 ml

3,03 EUR
Xanthan gum, 50 g

Xanthan gum, 50 g

2,01 EUR
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