Amazing home fragrance

Amazing home fragrance
This base is ideal for aromatherapy preparations. It promotes the penetration of essential oils and improves bioavailability.More information
Ingredients for this recipe40ml Base for perfume10ml of any fragrancePerfume packaging
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The basis for the production of perfumes consists of 97.2% natural ingredients, of which 92% comes from organic farming. The basis for the production of perfumes and its components have not been tested on animals and does not contain phthalates or glycol.

What is denaturation?

Denaturation is the addition of another substance to alcohol so that it cannot be used for human consumption. Glycols are commonly used, but they are known for their strong irritant potential and other side effects. However, bitrex is at our core.

BITREX: This is the most bitter of all substances. It is inert and odorless, used in small quantities and imparts such an unpleasant taste that the product is inedible. Bitrex is unpleasant enough to prevent accidental ingestion. Bitrex is approved by Ecocert for organic products.

So how to make your own perfume in a few minutes?

What will be needed?

- 40ml Base for perfume

- 10ml of any fragrance

How to do it?

Mix our base for perfume making and any fragrance (essential oil, essential oil, composition) and you have a wonderful homemade perfume with a scent exactly to your liking.

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