Aftershave Water

Aftershave Water
Valentine's Day, the holiday of lovers, is coming. We're still a bit aloof about celebrating Valentine's Day here, don't you feel that way? But why not take it as a reason to have a nice day, slow down for a while and also… make something for your significant other and make him happy with a small gift?More information
Ingredients for this recipe1 tablespoon of glycerin200ml elf water25 drops of cedar10 drops of pine8 drops of bergamot
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We won't lie, finding a suitable gift for a man that will be properly appreciated is a piece of cake. Such a gift must be beautiful and practical at the same time, it should look luxurious, and above all, it must be given with love. That's not enough, is it? But don't worry, we have invented a thing that fulfills all these conditions! (In addition, it will be suitable for Valentine's Day, birthdays, holidays and Christmas).

What do men desire?

What do all men have? Beard! Most men take care of their beards more or less regularly, or at least minimally, so we decided to create something that would make this ritual more pleasant for them. This is how a great aftershave water was created, gentle on men's skin and nature, and which you can adjust according to the taste of the recipient. With one base, you can create many different scents, so you can dedicate the lovingly made aftershave not only to the man of your dreams, but also to your father or brother for your birthday, and yet they will not all smell the same.

Natural aftershave

Good water after shaving calms irritated skin, closes its pores, and at the same time cleans it and protects it from bacteria that could get into the skin. The combination of fairy water based on alcohol, glycerin and essential oils will take care of all this. The base of the aftershave consists of two basic ingredients: glycerin and fairy water. Glycerin and elven water are almost odorless, so they are great as a base for magic with essential oils, which will create the classic clean masculine smell of aftershave.

What will be needed?

- Fairy water - fairy water has an antibacterial effect, so it is suitable for gently cleansing the skin. At the same time, it slightly tones the skin and shrinks enlarged pores. After using it, the skin becomes less oily and feels fresh. In addition, fairy water has soothing effects, suppresses redness and promotes blood circulation in the skin, which then gives a healthy appearance.

- Glycerin - is a humectant with excellent moisturizing properties. It helps restore the water level in our skin. It is a universal component of many cosmetic products because it maintains its chemical stability even in a mixture. Our glycerin is not made from palm oil, contains no chemicals and solvents, and is therefore completely natural.

- Essential oils - give the aftershave a wonderful aroma, in addition to having an antibacterial and disinfecting effect.

We have created three perfect combinations, let yourself be inspired or create your own fragrances:

The smell of the forest

Cedar – antiseptic, astringent, male aroma, aphrodisiac

Pine – Strongly antiseptic, uplifting, mind stimulating, forest and pine scent

Bergamot – cleansing, against oily skin, soothing, fresh, for a good mood

Seasoned laurel

Laurel – antiseptic, cleansing, anti-depressant, warm spicy, spicy

Clove – anti-inflammatory, invigorating, refreshing, anti-fatigue, spicy, bitter, woody

Cinnamon – anti-infective, stimulating, warming, spicy, spicy, earthy

Earthy citrus

Patchouli – antibacterial, soothing, harmonizing, captivating, aphrodisiac

Grapefruit – tonic, refreshing, invigorating

Lavender – antiseptic, calming, anti-depressant

Cajeput – antiseptic, cleansing

- Glass bottle - it's up to you whether you get a screw cap or a spray cap for the bottle, don't go wrong with either.

How much is needed?

Ratios for a 250ml bottle


- 1 tablespoon of glycerin

- 200ml elf water

The smell of the forest

- 25 drops of cedar

- 10 drops of pine

- 8 drops of bergamot

Seasoned laurel

- 24 drops of laurel

- 15 drops of cinnamon

- 15 drops of cloves

Earthy citrus

- 30 drops of patchouli

- 17 drops of bergamot

- 14 drops of lavender

- 8 drops of cajeput

How to do it?

First, mix glycerin with essential oils in a bottle. Then add the fairy water, seal the bottle and shake to combine.

Decorate the finished aftershave water, wrap it and give it to the chosen man (and teach him about your art and the need to shake the water before use).

It's that simple!

Raw materials
1 tablespoon of glycerin
25 drops of cedar
Cedar, 10 ml

Cedar, 10 ml

2,89 EUR
10 drops of pine
Pine, 10 ml

Pine, 10 ml

4,15 EUR
8 drops of bergamot
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