A softening balm for beards, hair and skin that will keep (not only) men in shape - Winter forest

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A softening balm for beards, hair and skin that will keep (not only) men in shape - Winter forest
It conditions the beard and hair, keeps it in shape, adds shine and strength, smells beautiful and has countless uses. Both men and women will love him! More information
Ingredients for this recipe5g of BTMS2g of beeswax4g of castor oil9g of hazelnut oil6g of cupuacu butter2 drops of vitamin E3 drops of pine essential oil3 drops of cypress essential oil3 drops of rosemary essential oil
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Finally something for men?

Do you also feel that many home-made natural products are simply more aimed at women? It is full of decorative cosmetics, make-up removers, delicate fragrances and cute packaging and colors. Products for men like saffron... The reason will probably be that men generally need much less when it comes to hygiene, which is great for both nature and our wallets. However, a minor problem can arise when we want to make our loved one, brother, grandfather or friend happy with something natural, at home and made with love.

Meets all requirements!

We therefore decided to create a dress tailored for men. We went for it from the woods and when thinking about what it should actually be, we kept in mind what men are looking for and appreciate. It should be something practical, fragrant, universal and beautiful at the same time. Something that won't have just one use and won't be unnecessarily complicated to apply or wash off. Something compact that fits in a backpack, bag or just a pocket. And above all, something that will fulfill its purpose for more than one hundred percent...

And it was! A wonderful, fragrant softening balm for the beard, hair and skin, which is beautifully applied, washed off, and can even be easily diluted with water, so that it then acts as a body cream or hair conditioner, was born. We are excited!


Beard, hair and skin

This beauty has several uses, and it only takes a tiny amount for one application. It beautifully softens the beard, which can be wet or dry when used, takes care of freshly shaved skin, softens stubble and also acts against ingrown hairs. It is also very pleasant for greasing hands, feet or dry elbows. If used on wet skin or diluted with a few drops of water, it acts as a great body cream. And we must not forget that it is also great for hair care instead of styling products. In addition, hair, beard and skin smell wonderful, add nutrition, elasticity and shine, and in short, keep the whole person in good condition from head to toe!


The power of balm, solid conditioner and hair wax in one

Classic beard balms and conditioners do great things. Wax ones ensure a great form and shape, those with oils add shine and soften the skin at the same time. But often they can't do everything at once... A challenge for us as doing! We decided to create a balm that will be a conditioner at the same time, so they combine the abilities of providing shine, firmness and shape, nourishment, softening and softening. And the result is a wonderful product – it acts a bit like a stiff conditioner, but is more waxy, so it can tame even the most unruly beard or hair.

Our beards, hair and hair are naturally negatively charged. Therefore, they are often somewhat disobedient. A conditioner can then get them in shape. :) In other words, something positively charged (containing cations) that leaves our hair, hair and actually skin silky and soft, prevents breakage, hardness and roughness and brings moisture.

Why shove this in there?

BMTS is a great emulsifying wax that is literally indispensable for hair (or beard?) cosmetics! It perfectly smoothes the hair fiber and prevents it from drying out. Makes detangling easier and reduces static electricity when styling hair and beards. Because it creates beautiful silky and at the same time light emulsions, it is also great for body creams, so it's a great addition to our universal product! BTMS gets along well with water, which ensures not only that the balm is perfect for damp hair, beard and skin, but also that the product is easily washed off.


Castor oil is an old proven classic for hair and beard care. Ricinoleic acid (which is found in large quantities in castor oil) softens beards, hairs and hair from their roots, contributes to the growth of hair and beards and limits their loss. Thanks to castor oil, not only your "growth" will be happy, but also your skin. Castor oil reduces the formation of eczema, acne and prevents ingrown hairs, in addition, it hydrates the skin wonderfully, so itching and flakes are over.

Hazelnut oil, as one of the so-called dry oils, ensures that the beard, hair or skin are not greasy and sticky to the touch after embalming. It is incredibly quickly absorbed and with this ability to "contaminate" other ingredients as well - it also takes castor oil and cupuacu butter deep inside, so say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling of greasiness.


We have already praised cupuacu butter in one of the previous (pre)Christmas recipes from the Winter Forest, namely for fluffy cream for everything. It's absolutely great, it deals with any irritation, it nourishes the beard, hair and the skin underneath, but it doesn't leave it heavy and sticky.

The beeswax will then take care of the excellent consistency and strength of the product and the beard, and above all, it will make styling much easier.

And the smell? The combination of fresh, resinous and uplifting pine, warm, distinctive and invigorating rosemary and fresh, balsamic and harmonizing cypress will conquer not only every man!


What does it take?

- 5 grams of BTMS

- 2 grams of beeswax

- 4 grams of castor oil

- 9 grams of hazelnut oil

- 6 grams of cupuacu butter

- 2 drops of vitamin E

- 3 drops of pine essential oil

- 3 drops of cypress essential oil

- 3 drops of rosemary essential oil


How to do it?

Prepare BTMS emulsifier, beeswax, cupuacu butter, castor oil and hazelnut oil in a heat-resistant bowl. Then immerse the spatula in a water bath and let it dissolve slowly.

When dissolved, remove the bowl from the water bath and stir. Stir, stir, stir and keep stirring until the mixture is beautifully creamy, smooth and white. And until it cools down. You can tell by touching the bowl - when the bowl is lukewarm, the contents are also lukewarm - and that's what we want. The mixture should now be fairly thick. If it is, it's time to add the vitamin E and essential oils and give it another good mix.

Then it is enough to transfer the balm (you will need to use a spatula, it will not be possible to pour it over) into the tin, it suits him very well in this aluminum one.

Leave the balm to rest for several hours or days before use. It will still harden and thicken beautifully.


I want to make this but I don't have the exact ingredients!

Instead of hazelnut oil, you can use any light liquid oil. Broccoli, grape, safflower, tea tree or macadamia nuts will work great.

Cupuacu butter can be replaced perfectly by mango butter or shea butter. When using shea butter, however, you should expect a fattier product.

You can replace the essential oils with completely different ones or omit them completely. If you are looking for other scents that please men's noses, try myrrh, laurel, clary sage, litseu cubebu, sandalwood, petitgrain or perhaps cedar.

Have you thought about Christmas crafting yet?

Raw materials
5g of BTMS
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
2g of beeswax
4g of castor oil
9g of hazelnut oil
6g of cupuacu butter
2 drops of vitamin E
3 drops of pine essential oil
Pine, 10 ml

Pine, 10 ml

4,15 EUR
3 drops of cypress essential oil
3 drops of rosemary essential oil
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