Whipped poppy-lemon shower peeling

45 min
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Whipped poppy-lemon shower peeling
A fresh and radiant creamy fluffy shower scrub with poppy seeds and sugar that will quickly become your new bath time favourite, leaving skin incredibly soft, hydrated and gently cleansed. More information
Ingredients for this recipe40g of safflower oil20g of emulsifying wax NF20g of refined shea butter8g of stearic acid3g of rosehip oil0.5-1g of Cosgard preservative20 drops of lemon essential oilA drop of vitamin E
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The scrub is wonderfully creamy and extremely rich. Fresh-smelling, yellow-colored, full of sweet sugar and playfully complemented by poppy seeds. Thanks to the emulsifying wax, it mixes perfectly with the water, so there are no greasy drops and slippery spots in the bath, which often turn the bath into a risky and life-threatening activity. Everything has been tested on several people, so go ahead!

A hero among peelings

We are probably all familiar with sugar peeling. But this is no ordinary sugar scrub! The emulsifying wax gave it the ability to combine perfectly with the water in the bath or shower. This literally turns an ordinary peeling into a super peeling.


First of all, as we already indicated, this scrub will not turn the bath into a death trap - because the oil in the bath can turn the smooth surface of the bath into a very dangerous skating rink, and we don't want that. Fortunately, there is no danger here, because in this case the oil mixes with the water and innocently flows out when drained. So this also means less clean up - normally the oil would float on the surface, the water would drain away and the oil would remain on the bottom and walls of the tub.

Second, it turns into a body cream on the skin. In one use, you clean your skin, remove particles of old skin, and at the same time lubricate yourself and give your skin a decent dose of hydration and nutrition. All this right in the bath or shower. Perfect for summer, what do you say?


Sweet sugar, playful poppy

When you look at the ingredients, you might wonder why we don't use more poppy seeds and less sugar. Well, we'll be honest with you, the poppy is in the formula more because it adds playfulness to the scrub. We left the ability to "sand" the skin to sugar, which starts to dissolve in water and then washes off perfectly from the skin and the bath. More poppy wasn't twice as aesthetically pleasing both in the bath and in the scrub itself, which is much nicer as a yellow cream with a few black dots than the dark colored mass it became when more poppy was used.


Gently or roughly?

The wonderful thing about home cosmetics is that it is very easy to adjust to the ideal image. Here, for example, we simply choose the roughness we require after peeling, and which we conjure up with sugar. Anything from nothing to a blanket of sugar will work. So you can skip the sugar completely and have bath butter instead. Add only two teaspoons of sugar and create a fine peeling, or mix a really rough peeling if you want it. But if you have more sensitive skin, start with a little and continue up to, for example, 100 grams. If you want to try, add sugar gradually until the mixture stiffens.


The smell and color of juicy lemons

When whipping, add your favorite essential oil to the mixture, we went for lemon because poppy and lemon is simply a delicious combination. But you can choose any. And what did we conjure up that beautiful yellow color? A drop of rosehip oil, no dye needed! If you don't have rosehip, sea buckthorn, carrot or karanja oil will also work great. Once it's done, take the scrub with you into the shower or bath, massage a small amount into damp skin, enjoy a fragrant, creamy exfoliating massage, and then simply wash it all off. The skin will be so hydrated and nourished (yet not greasy at all) that there will be no need to apply anything after the bath. Ok lets go!


What does it take?

We are warming up

- 40 grams of safflower oil

- 20 grams of emulsifying wax NF

- 20 grams of refined shea butter

- 8 grams of stearic acid

- 3 grams of rosehip oil

We are whipping

- 0.5-1 gram of Cosgard preservative

- 20 drops of lemon essential oil

- A drop of vitamin E

- 30-100 grams of granulated sugar

- 1 gram of poppy seeds (ground or whole)

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath - pour about 3 cm of water into a small pot and heat it on the stove.

Weigh out the safflower oil, emulsifying wax, shea butter, stearic acid and rosehip oil into a smaller heatproof bowl, ideally with a higher rim, or into a mason jar, and place in the prepared water bath. Allow to heat over low heat until everything is dissolved.


When everything is nicely dissolved, remove the bowl or jar from the water bath, dry it, and mix its contents. Wait for a while for the mixture to cool slightly, then add the preservative, essential oil, vitamin E and sprinkle the poppy seeds. You can pour the sugar into the mixture now, or if you want to determine the correct roughness of the peeling, wait for the next step. If necessary, transfer the mixture to a container in which you will later whip the mixture well with a whisk or a stand mixer with a whisk attachment. Then put everything in the fridge and wait for about half an hour to three quarters of an hour.


Take the solidified and chilled mixture out of the fridge and use a whisk to beat it well (as you would cream butter and sugar when baking) until fluffy and light. If you haven't added sugar yet, gradually beat it into the mixture and test whether you are satisfied with the coarseness.

When the peeling is to your liking, transfer it to a nice 200 or 250 ml container (depending on the amount of sugar you used) that will allow you to scoop up the product in the shower.


I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

If you don't have refined shea butter, try almond butter, mango butter, macadamia butter, or even babassu oil (it's solid at room temperature).

You can replace the safflower oil with any other light (cheaper) oil, such as macadamia, hazelnut, refined almond or sunflower.

You can conjure up the color of the peeling just as well with carrot, sea buckthorn or karanja oil.

Choose an essential oil, essential oil or cosmetic fragrance according to the preferences of your nose.

You can try replacing NF emulsifying wax with another complete emulsifying wax.


Raw materials
20g of emulsifying wax NF
20g of refined shea butter
8g of stearic acid
3g of rosehip oil
0.5-1g of Cosgard preservative
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

2,64 EUR
20 drops of lemon essential oil
A drop of vitamin E
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