The perfect massage butter - how to make the basis for the production of cooling and warming balms?

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The perfect massage butter - how to make the basis for the production of cooling and warming balms?
Massage lovers, this silky smooth buttery balm is made just for you. It is light, yet provides enough slip for a perfect massage. After absorption, the skin is soft, velvety, not weighed down by grease. In short, the kind you want to have.More information
Ingredients for this recipe16g of babassu oil10g of safflower oil5g of almond oil3.8g of cetyl alcohol2.8g of emulsifying wax BTMS1.2g of coco silicone0.2g of vitamin E1g of essential oil
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Why massage butter when I can have massage oil?

Classic massage oils are flawless, simple… but fluid. Which is sometimes a problem – the oil often drips from the skin onto the floor, drips onto the sheets in the bed, and there is a risk of spillage if the bottle is not closed. By using cetyl alcohol, we turn the massage oil into a butter balm, similar to the production of the "Solid" care serum against wrinkles and pimples from luxury oils.

In addition to cetyl alcohol, we add BTMS emulsifying wax, which acts as a conditioner - it smoothes, softens and softens the skin and gives the product a slightly powdery velvety effect. Thanks to BTMS emulsifying wax, you can also use the massage butter on wet skin during a bath - the butter itself emulsifies with water and becomes a creamy milk.

Coco silicone, a natural "silicone" that is a wonderful alternative to classic synthetic silicone, provides an even bigger and more delicate slide. It will reduce the greasiness and stickiness of the product, smooth, caress and protect the skin. It may sound like something you don't need, but don't be fooled - coco silicone is cheap, non-perishable and suitable for a range of body, face and hair products.

Is the massage cool or warm?

Babassu oil, almond oil and safflower oil, which solidify at room temperature, are the light, caring basis of the massage butter.

You can add various vegetable macerates to them. Try arnica to make a warming balm, comfrey to relieve aching joints, and vanilla to improve the overall appearance of the skin.

You can also win when choosing essential oils.

You can achieve a cooling effect by adding essential oils of eucalyptus, mint, and geranium.

On the other hand, rosemary, cloves or thyme will bring warmth and circulation.

This base will also be great for making tiger salve, which includes camphor, cajeput and mint essential oils.

What kind of balm will you make?

What does it take?

For the production of 50 grams

We heat up

- 16 grams of babassu oil

- 10 grams of safflower oil (if you are going to add oil macerate, take the required amount from the safflower, for example: if you want to add 5 ml of arnica macerate, you will only use 5 ml of safflower oil)

- 5 grams of almond oil

- 3.8 grams of cetyl alcohol

- 2.8 grams of emulsifying wax BTMS

- 1.2 grams of coco silicone

Add when cooling

- 0.2 grams of vitamin E

- Selected essential oils in the amount of approx. 1 gram

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath (pour about 3 cm of water into the saucepan and let it heat up on the stove).

Weigh out all ingredients except vitamin E and essential oils, if using, into a heatproof container. Let everything dissolve at low temperatures (BTMS emulsifier needs time in cold weather, give it time.) :)

When everything has dissolved, prepare an ice bath - put a few ice cubes in a bowl that fits the container containing the heated phase and pour cold water over them.

When all the ingredients are dissolved and the mixture is smooth and runny, remove the container from the hot water bath and transfer it to the ice bath. The mixture must be constantly stirred and the rapidly cooling mixture must be wiped well from the walls of the container. As soon as everything is white, beautifully creamy, remove the container from the ice bath, add vitamin E and possibly essential oils to the mixture.

Transfer the finished mixture to the chosen packaging (the balm looks great in a green, elegant glass) and let it rest for about an hour before use. It's done!

How to use it?

Take a small amount of balm, warm it in your hands or let it dissolve directly on the skin, massage into the skin and enjoy a beautiful massage and care.

How long it lasts?

There is no need to add a preservative to the balm (it does not contain water). If it will be stored in a cool, dry place and without contact with water (for example on the fingers when scooping), it will last at least a year. But as soon as you notice a change in consistency, appearance or smell, it is better to replace it with a new one.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

Do not interchange BTMS and cetyl alcohol, they are essential to this recipe.

Instead of almond oil and safflower oil, you can use any other light oil, or just one of them.

Babassu oil is a good substitute for coconut oil.

Coco silicone can be replaced with classic silicone, or the amount in the recipe can be added to babaussu oil. However, expect that the resulting product will not be so beautifully "sliding".

Raw materials
16g of babassu oil
5g of almond oil
3.8g of cetyl alcohol
2.8g of emulsifying wax BTMS
BTMS, 30 g

BTMS, 30 g

5,29 EUR
1.2g of coco silicone
0.2g of vitamin E
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