Shower gel with mare's milk

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Phase Total number required: 150 ml 250 ml
AND Foam foundation 16.5 g 27.5 g
AND Babassu foam 17 g 28 g
AND Tensioactif Coco 3.5 g 6 g
AND Soft foam foundation 33 g 55 g
B Distilled water 90 g 150 g
B Mare's milk 4 g 6.6 g
C Grapefruit seed extract 1.2 g 1.9 g



1 / Mix and mix part A thoroughly, if necessary heat slightly and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture
2 / Mix part B (water + milk) thoroughly and, if necessary, heat the water a little to dissolve the powdered milk thoroughly.

3 /Slowly add Part B to Part A and mix thoroughly but carefully to avoid bubbles.
4 / Finally mix in part C and mix thoroughly

Note: The pH of the preparation is about 6.5-7.

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