Relaxing aroma tablets for the shower - for colds, encouragement and relaxation

Relaxing aroma tablets for the shower - for colds, encouragement and relaxation
These scented tablets are perfect for when you need relaxation but no time for a bath. It relieves a stuffy nose, calms, but also invigorates. Get in the shower with them!More information
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When we have waffles...

Whether we like it or not, today's world keeps speeding up, and so do we sometimes have to speed up. But when we are already up to our necks, the best thing we can do is to jump into the bath and for a change have scented foam up to our necks... But! Sometimes, unfortunately, there isn't even time for that long, warm, relaxing bath, and that's exactly when these super-practical shower tablets come into play.

Filling the bathtub and a pleasant lie in the warm water really takes about an hour, but the shower can be done in a few minutes - ideally ten to fifteen. In order to achieve the right relaxing effect, just place one tablet in the shower corner or on the bottom of the bathtub and start the shower. The tablet must not be under direct current, it would disappear in the siphon as if by waving a magic wand, because it starts to dissolve even with a minimum of water. That's why we put it on the opposite side from where the stream of water flows, and then we can indulge in a wonderful, warm and fragrant shower in peace.

Tablets can also be bought in the store, but it is definitely better to make them at home, because their production is very simple, but most importantly also cheap! In addition, you can make tablets exactly to your liking - they contain fragrant essential oils that you can mix according to your taste.

What does it take?

- Baking soda

- Salt (Epsom, Himalayan, Dead Sea)

- Selected essential oil

- Water

- Molds (for example, plastic, silicone - either in the form of balls or half balls - or these practical metal tongs)

- Decorations according to your imagination (for example, various herbs or petals, dyes and glitter)

How to do it?

Just like the ingredients, the process is simplicity itself! Pour baking soda into a bowl and add essential oil and water. Dose according to need - as a rule, we mix one cup of baking soda with half a cup of salt, and possibly with starch (potato, kuzu, tapioca, corn...), which binds the whole mixture nicely, add about 30 drops of essential oil to the mixture. As for the water, it should be about 2-4 tablespoons, but it is individual, in order to mix the water evenly, it is good to dose the water into the mixture using a sprayer. However, we will remember that we are dealing with a substance that will not be completely "wet", but such that if we squeeze it with our fingers, it will hold its shape nicely. In short, we mix and add water until we are satisfied with the consistency of the mass. If you've ever made sparkling wine, you know exactly what we're talking about here. And then we can conveniently pour the mixture into the prepared molds and let it harden.

In a rhyme, calming and encouraging

You can be inspired by our variants, but be sure that once you start doing it yourself, you will almost become a master perfumer, and you will invent new and interesting combinations of oils!

Proven combinations

- Eucalyptus + mint + lavender to relieve stuffy nose

- Soothing lavender + chamomile

- Refreshing mint + orange

- Relaxing lavender + cedar

- Sweet and spicy vanilla + cinnamon

What's next?

If you were inspired by making shower tablets and would like to try something else, take a look at this recipe for homemade bath bubbles. And this will definitely come in handy for making them, you can also use the already prepared mixture for sparkling wine. Then all you have to do is add the appropriate oil and some decorations and perfect sparkling wine will be born!

And you can read about other practical uses of soda, whether edible or for work, here.

So how do you scent your tablet in the shower?

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Raw materials
Baking soda
Epsom salt
Mint essential oil
Orange essential oil
Mica Enchanted Forest
Ecco Sparks Allure Cooper Glitter
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