Recipe for lump cheese

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Recipe for lump cheese
Do you like gnocchi with brynza? You may already cook homemade gnocchi, but how about having them with homemade brynza? An easier recipe for making proper lump cheese is here!More information
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We need:

How to do it:

First we pasteurize the milk. Let's heat it up to 64 °C, turn it off and let it stand for half an hour.

After thirty minutes, cool the pot with milk to a temperature of 35-37 °C and add the mesophilic culture.

Let the culture ferment for about 50 minutes (at least half an hour), then add calcium chloride and rennet. Milk should be between 28-33 °C during curdling. Add chloride and rennet and mix thoroughly.

We stabilize the milk level and let it curdle. The curdling time varies according to the amount of rennet, for soft cheese we will want to curdle for about 40 minutes. So we dose chy-max rennet (1 ml per 10 liters).

We curd for as long as we have a broken curd. We can tell by sticking a knife into the milk and lifting it slightly. If the so-called meringue is formed, if we simply manage to lift the curd slightly, we are done. If not, we'll wait.

Cut the cheese on a grid (vertically and horizontally, cubes of approx. 1.5 cm), let it rest for 8 minutes, then continue cutting until the grain is the size of a bean, let it rest for eight minutes again and let the cheese sink to the bottom. Next, the cheese is formed by pressing the grain under the whey into a lump. So, in a pot under the whey, form a lump of curd, press it gently into a ball for about 10-15 minutes. After that, the lump of curd is removed and let it drain into sheets or molds. It is necessary to turn the lump often.
After draining, we store it in a place where it ferments and matures for about three days (room temperature 18-20 degrees). During these three days, the lump must be turned frequently and rubbed with a salt bath to prevent it from cracking and forming a crust. Brynza can also be made from this type of cheese.
If we grind the mature lump, sprinkle with salt (4-6 salt) and grind, we have brynza. Do not forget to store brynza at low temperatures.

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