Natural blueberry conditioner

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Natural blueberry conditioner
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Ingredients for this recipeAlmond oilKeratinVitamin EBlueberry essential oilBlue dyeExtract from beetrootBottle
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When I was looking for a DIY natural hair conditioner, I mostly came across recommendations for masks. Yogurt, honey, mayonnaise, banana, etc. Mix fresh ingredients, put on hair for a few minutes and then wash with shampoo. That's nice, but I wanted to make a "normal" fitness. Like the real thing, in a bottle, which I put on the shelf and is ready for service at any time. Especially after most of the natural conditioners I bought failed.

The first alternative is to painstakingly "assemble" the conditioner. Buy component by component and have a basic overview of chemistry, how these raw materials react with each other. At this point I am a student - a novice lab technician. But that time will come! The second way , significantly less demanding, is to use a ready-made foundation. I will show you that one today. Officially, this miracle is called "Base for the production of hair conditioner, organic" and thus it is, as usual, of a natural nature. No silicones, parabens, SLS, SLES, you will find absolutely nothing harmful in it, on the contrary.

Yummy for the hair it is. All those oils and aloe vera. The soap base is certified by the Soil Association as BIO and 73 ingredients are organic . That other, very important discovery came only after its use. Yes Yes! It also has a real result like a proper conditioner in its job description! The hair was easy to comb, he was able to smooth the structure of my hair without any problems and the result was shine and no electrification. And all that, let's face it, literally for a buck.

It can be used as raw as you like. It is unscented and white in color. But I recommend you to improve it according to your own ideas. You can add to it, for example:
– additional natural oils or other moisturizing substances for an even better nourishing effect,
– essential oils for the fragrance according to your wishes,
– dyes for visual effect.

Better not to overdo it with oils, as the base of the conditioner contains a lot of them in itself. At the same time, this improved conditioner (as well as any other) should not be applied completely close to the scalp, so that the hair is not immediately flattened and greasy. But you can go wild to your heart's content with perfumery. :) Essential oils and fragrances have existed since the invention of the world, and you can change this hair treasure in a completely original way every time. Coconut, orange, chocolate, herbal? Or use your imagination and combine to your taste. :)


The production itself is such a nice game with bottles and pipettes. You will need a bowl to mix the goodness, a mallet or small wooden spoon for mixing (I use wooden mallets), pipettes and/or any measuring cups for mini volume and the final bottle in which you will store your creation. I usually mix 100 ml each time. Thoroughly disinfect all containers and tools against possible bacilli and experiments can be carried out.

I pour about 90 ml of the base into a bowl and gradually, always with a clean pipette, add: 5 ml of almond oil, 2 ml of keratin and 2 ml of oat protein. I think my choice is perfect for hair. :) Almond oil significantly nourishes them and gives them shine. It is also said to be a natural hair growth stimulator. Keratin is liquid gold, its main component is the protein that makes up human hair, deeply regenerates, adds strength and shine, protects hair during heat treatment. Oat protein also has a similar chemical structure to our hair, reducing breakage, protecting and smoothing it.

I mix a little, take one capsule of vitamin E (those are the red translucent balls), cut the hard gelatin cover and drop the contents into a bowl. It is a powerful antioxidant and natural preservative at the same time. This time I chose EO blueberry for the scent. As for the amount, it is ideal to put 5 drops per 100 ml, but adjust to the sensitivity of your olfactory cells.

Just like that, for fun, I also added colors. :) One drop of liquid blue and I dusted it all with beetroot extract (dark pink powder in the picture).

At the end, all that remains is to thoroughly mix the ingredients until a mass of uniform color is formed, which smells so beautiful like blueberries and looks like fresh fruit yogurt.

Then I just sneak the finished conditioner into the bottle using a funnel, and Voila , it's done! I bought all the ingredients and the pipettes together with the base for the production of the conditioner at Ekokoze. I most often mix it with EO Mint, I also tried EO Red Orange and now I have blueberry for the second time. That's how I see it, that a liter of conditioner can easily last me a year with my consumption (once a week). :)

Have a lovely day!

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