Homemade soap ready within an hour

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Homemade soap ready within an hour
That the production of homemade soap is complicated, tedious and children should avoid it at all cost? Not at all!More information
Ingredients for this recipe250g of soap mass with shea butter2 spoons of dried rose petals 10 drops of essential oil of Sandalwood and vanilla10 drops of Citronella essential oilMould
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Starting to make soap at home can seem unnecessary, complicated and even dangerous due to the use of lye, which often discourages us from making it. And that is a great pity!

That the production of homemade soap is complicated, tedious and children should avoid it at all cost? Not at all!

Making soaps is a great pastime that even children love. Yes, children! Soap of various sizes, shapes, colors and scents can be easily made from soapy matter, which just needs to be dissolved, embellished with other ingredients such as essential oils, dyes or perhaps dried herbs and poured into selected molds. No chemical experiments and no calculating the right ratios!

Unlike soap that is made from scratch, that is, from vegetable oils and lye, which needs to be left to mature for several weeks, soap made from soapy matter cast into molds just needs to be left in the cold to harden. So it's done in no time - even with cleaning! :)

This kind of soap making is fun for adults and children, the little ones and the big ones. And since children can take part in making soaps without any worries, or even (with help) create them all by themselves, the finished soaps are a beautiful, unique gift or a nice attention that will make everyone happy.

It is precisely for this reason that our favorite Tea Olivová and her daughter Amálka started making homemade soaps. The girls made mejdlíček as a gift and a wonderful memory for Amálč's kindergarten teachers. And the result is great!

On that occasion, Tea wrote the production instructions for us and took beautiful photos.

Ok lets go!

Teddy bear soap from Tey and Amálka

With rose, sandalwood, vanilla and citronella

What will be needed?

- 1kg of soap mass with shea butter (for 24 bars of soap)

- 100g of dried rose petals (enough for about 200 soaps - a small teaspoon of flowers is enough for one bear)

- 10ml  of essential oil of Sandalwood and vanilla

- 10ml  of Citronella essential oil

- In addition, you need silicone molds, preferably several pieces of soft silicone for baking teddy bears (since the soap will harden for 20-60 minutes depending on the weather, it is better to make and pour 6 or more lollipops at once)

- Another tool is a tin or a stainless steel container for milk, possibly fireproof glass, in short, anything that you can put in a water bath and preferably has a funnel-shaped spout so that you can easily pour the soap into the molds

- Also a pot for a water bath, a cutting board, a spoon and a teaspoon - don't worry, you won't destroy much of it after making it :)

How to do it?

For 6 pieces of teddy bears

Cut approximately 250g of soap into centimeter cubes, place in a heat-resistant container and then in a pot with a water bath.

Boil the water in the pot slowly but not boiling, the soapy mass will dissolve.

Occasionally mix the mass with a spoon, it must be completely liquid.

On the side, prepare the dried flowers, so two spoons from the eye, crush them lightly in your hand or in a mortar, release the essential oils and crush the flower.

When the soapy mass is completely liquid, you take it off the heat, sprinkle the flowers, add 10 drops of sandalwood and 10 drops of citronella.

Then all you have to do is mix the whole mass thoroughly and pour it into the moulds.

Be careful here, the container is hot.

We wiped off the rest of the soap in the container with a spatula and used it to wash the pillowcases, it smells wonderful now.

If you make soaps in the winter, just leave them in the cold outside the window for twenty minutes, we prefer to let them harden for an hour in the heat.

Then easily remove them from the mold, give them as gifts or enjoy them yourself.


Thank you very much to Tee and Amálka for the wonderful cooperation!

Raw materials
250g of soap mass with shea butter
2 spoons of dried rose petals
10 drops of essential oil of Sandalwood and vanilla
10 drops of Citronella essential oil
Citronella, 10 ml

Citronella, 10 ml

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