Homemade hand disinfection in the form of spray and gel

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Homemade hand disinfection in the form of spray and gel
Simple instructions for home hand disinfection in the form of spray and gel, which will kill various viruses, including the scary corona virus. Fast, cheap, effective!More information
Ingredients for this recipeBase for making perfumeAloe vera gelTea tree essential oilCitronella essential oilVitamin EBottle
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Let's be respectful

It's time to take responsibility for your health and that of the entire company into your own hands... and start washing them properly! Soap, warm water and 20 seconds of our time have perhaps never been more powerful and important than now. And what to do in situations where a sink with warm water and soap is out of sight? Use a simple but very effective hand sanitizer that will surely become your best friend these days.

Spray or gel? We can do both!

At Ekokoza, we've got your back, whether you prefer disinfection in the form of a gel or spray and scented with the herbs or fruits you like. Together we can make anything! We leave the choice up to you, also in terms of fragrance and gelling component. But what is important is the percentage of alcohol.

We do not take alcohol under 60 percent

If you want to fight viruses like COVID-19 with your sanitizer, pay close attention to the alcohol content of your sanitizer.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other organizations have determined that disinfectants to be effective against the coronavirus and other viruses must have a minimum alcohol concentration of 60% or more.

Therefore, if you use vodka in your disinfection, which usually has an alcohol content of no more than 50 % , or another "regular" consumable distillate, logically the recommended amount of alcohol will not be sufficient in the disinfection.

Therefore, use high-percentage alcohol to make homemade disinfectants and always calculate the concentration percentage. Here at Ekokoza, you can find suitable alcohol under the name Base for perfume production. It is denatured alcohol - that is, alcohol to which the extremely bitter additive Bitrex has been added to prevent its consumption. Thanks to Bitrex, which is approved by Ecocert for use in organic products, alcohol is absolutely inedible. (But you wouldn't know it from its smell and appearance, so it's ideal for perfume. If you have this product left, make yourself happy with your own perfume!) The ethanol content here is at least 96%, so it's perfect for making disinfectant!

If you decide to use another alcohol, go for either isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, which you can find under different names. For example, technical alcohol, distilled alcohol, food grade alcohol, high-percentage alcohol and the like... But always keep an eye on the alcohol content.

So that the hands and nose do not suffer

Theoretically, you can make the simplest disinfection just by mixing high-percentage alcohol and water. But that's pretty boring, isn't it? :) Plus… these days you probably use sanitizer multiple times a day and we all know alcohol is drying and doesn't smell nice. We therefore recommend adding enhancers to the disinfectant, which will make its use extremely pleasant.

Essential oils

These can be, for example, essential oils, which not only make the product smell nice and please your nose, but also enrich the disinfection with other powerful effects. A great choice for disinfection will be tea tree essential oil, which is considered one of the most effective oils in the fight against bacteria and viruses, refreshing and disinfecting lemon essential oil or antiseptic and antibacterial citronella. You will also do well with classic eucalyptus, lemon eucalyptus or menthol eucalyptus, which masterfully protect you not only from bacteria, but also from intrusive insects. Peppermint, rosemary, thyme or cedar will also work great. They all get along great with the much-loved lavender, which also has an antimicrobial and disinfectant effect on its own, and is a suitable scent even for small children.

If you are more attracted to warmer scents, reach for strong and very effective essential oils from cinnamon or clove, which are perfectly complemented with, for example, grapefruit or orange (but be careful with citrus oils in summer, they increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight).

Floral waters

If you are going to mix disinfectant spray for your hands, hydrolates or flower waters will definitely come in handy. They gently mix the effects of plants and the much-needed clean water. Citrus-scented verbena water is a great choice for sensitive and irritated skin, and cistus water for skin prone to acne and eczema. You can support the power of essential oils with hydrolates made from the same herb and go for tea tree hydrolate, grapefruit water, lavender water, peppermint hydrolate or menthol water.

A caress for the skin

Gel disinfection will see the light of day if you decide to mix alcohol with aloe vera gel or vegetable glycerin. Both of these ingredients provide a pleasant gel texture, but above all they please the skin of the hands, which they perfectly moisturize, soften, soften, hydrate and regenerate. It is up to you whether you use only glycerin, only aloe vera gel or combine the ingredients. Your hands will thank you immensely if you add a drop of vitamin E, which protects the skin against damage and at the same time promotes its renewal and healing.

… And we won't forgive ourselves again - if you want the disinfection to protect you from the coronavirus, make sure that the resulting formulation contains 60% + alcohol.

Eco-friendly hand sanitizer gel

What does it take?

- Base for making perfume

- Aloe vera gel and/or vegetable glycerin

- Suitable essential oils

- Vitamin E (optional)

- Bottle according to preference

How to do it?

Fill the chosen bottle two-thirds full with the perfume base (or other high-percentage alcohol). Add about 30-40 drops of the chosen essential oils (for a 100 ml bottle, adjust the amount if you are filling an otherwise large container). Top up with aloe vera gel and/or glycerin. Then close the bottle and shake well. And it is done!

...if you really fill the bottle 2/3 with denatured alcohol, the alcohol concentration will be higher than 60% , no need to calculate here. :)

Disinfectant spray according to Tey Oliva

If gel is not for you and you prefer to spray your product, try the instructions according to our handy Tearunka.

"Disinfection as I do it

For 150ml

- 100ml of technical alcohol

- 50ml of medicinal lavender flower water (hydrolate)

- 25 drops of essential oil – this is a combination of oils that have disinfecting effects such as teatree, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme or juniper and then those that give you a pleasant aroma

I used 5 drops of tea tree, and 10 each of citronella and cedar.

I always shake the bottle before use and one squeeze is all it takes, and my hands are clean and fragrant.”

We just add that if you don't have 100% alcohol, you need to adjust the amount a little. If you are going to use eco-coconut denatured alcohol, use 110ml of the perfume base and 40ml of the selected flower water so that the ethanol concentration in the final product is really higher than 60%.

You can find the glass "medicine" bottles here and the nebulizer here.

You can find more of Tey Oliva's creations, countless delicious recipes and many tips for a more eco-friendly household on her Instagram. And we, Tee, thank you very much for the trust and the opportunity to share!


These disinfectants are not a sufficient substitute for thorough hand washing with soap and warm water.

Follow the rule of hand washing for at least 20 seconds even when using disinfectant! After applying, rub your hands thoroughly for at least half a minute and until they are completely dry.

Although the product contains ingredients that are generally considered to be natural antivirals, it has not been laboratory tested for effectiveness against the coronavirus.

When following procedures and advice, disinfectants will contain the recommended alcohol concentration of 60%+, which has been determined by the CDC and WHO to be necessary to destroy the coronavirus.

Raw materials
Base for making perfume
Tea tree essential oil
Tea tree, 10 ml

Tea tree, 10 ml

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Citronella essential oil
Citronella, 10 ml

Citronella, 10 ml

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Vitamin E
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