Homemade cream for problematic skin - against acne, black dots and wrinkles

45 min
Homemade cream for problematic skin - against acne, black dots and wrinkles
This is "Veronica cream better than the original", i.e. MuLondon Organic Hemp moisturizer dupe, cream with hemp oil according to Míša from Kiss and Bee - cheaper, simple, without waiting for the post office.More information
Ingredients for this recipe150ml of shea butter30ml of hemp oil30ml of jojoba oil15 drops of rosemary essential oil15 drops of essential oil pine10 drops of cedar essential oil5 drops of lavender essential oilVitamin EGrapefruit essential oil
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The cream smells amazing, moisturizes, does not clog pores and is 100% natural. You have it ready in five minutes, because the instructions are without a water bath. Oh, and I almost forgot - you won't pay a lot of pounds for it plus postage.

What will you need?

- Shea Butter

- Hemp oil

- Jojoba oil

- Rosemary essential oil

- Pine essential oil

- Cedar essential oil

- Lavender essential oil

- Alternatively vitamin E and grapefruit extract / grapefruit essential oil

Ingredients of the original cream: shea butter, hemp oil, jojoba oil, rosemary EO, hemp EO, black spruce EO, vetiver EO, cedar EO.

How to do it?

You know how I talk about recipes getting easier and simpler? So here we have another step on the way to simplification - you mix the whole cream while cold.

Put shea butter, jojoba and hemp oil in a ratio of 5:1:1 (by volume, not weight) into a container (ideally pre-wiped with a napkin sprinkled with grapefruit extract or EO), which you won't kill with a whisk afterwards. Because I made a lot of cream (one for one of you, one for myself, one for mom, one for Verča), I had a lot of fun with the measuring spatula.

If you have vitamin E on hand, be sure to add two or three milliliters of it. It acts as a preservative and is absolutely fantastic for the skin - I used it topically undiluted when I had the biggest skin problems and it really speeds up healing without drying out the skin.

Finally, add essential oils. Here, I slightly deviated from the recipe in two cases. Instead of pine, you will find EO from black spruce and hemp EO in the original, and vetiver (Indian grass) instead of lavender. I adapted the recipe in such a way that everything was available and at the same time the effects of the cream were preserved - it should not be harmful to replace it, on the contrary (lavender improves the smell even more).

I added 15 drops of rosemary EO, 15 drops of pine EO, 10 drops of cedar and 5 drops of lavender EO to my dose (150 ml of butter + 30 and 30 ml of oils).

It's time for a classic whisk, which will combine everything into a thick cream. For perfect cleanliness, first wipe the whisks with a napkin sprinkled with grapefruit extract or EO, then just whip like a fiend.

The result is consistently great, at least from my point of view ideal. According to Verča and the photos from her blog, the original is quite stiff, probably more shea butter - well, you don't have to spread or heat this stuff in your hands.

Now all you have to do is transfer everything into cups and enjoy!

Use the cream on wet skin - the water on the surface of your face will turn the cream into an emulsion, which is perfectly absorbed and the skin will be silky, but not greasy. By the way, the amount in the last photo is all I need for my entire face.

You can expect a decent load of hydration and vitamins, preservation of skin elasticity and an SPF of about six. Jojoba oil is especially valued due to the fact that its structure is brilliantly similar to human sebum and therefore it is natural for the skin and penetrates deep into its layers, where it does amazing things for us - in addition to intensive hydration, for example, it regulates the production of sebum, so everyone will benefit from it skin types. Hemp oil prevents premature aging of the skin and can fight acne and eczema.

The combo of essential oils then act as antioxidant components and fight skin inflammation. Lavender accelerates healing, soothes the skin and takes care of acne, eczema and wrinkles; pine is also popular with dermatologists as a solution for pimples, eczema, skin fungus, sores or itchiness; rosemary is also popular for all skin problems, in addition, it helps the proper circulation of the skin and thus balances its tone, but also fights against dry areas. Cedar is strongly antiseptic and helps regulate sebum production.

Oh, and you know what else? There's nothing wrong with that woody-herbal scent.

For me, the cream does exactly what I expect from it - I don't get pimples (before I didn't tolerate creams with zinc, now I can see that it works without it - not that I mind, but after applying the cream I was always whiter, so I appreciate that I can also have non-makeup days), my skin is perfectly hydrated all day, I can even proudly write that I have blackheads.

Raw materials
150ml of shea butter
30ml of hemp oil
30ml of jojoba oil
15 drops of rosemary essential oil
15 drops of essential oil pine
Pine, 10 ml

Pine, 10 ml

4,15 EUR
10 drops of cedar essential oil
Cedar, 10 ml

Cedar, 10 ml

2,89 EUR
5 drops of lavender essential oil
Vitamin E
Grapefruit essential oil
Grapefruit, 10 ml

Grapefruit, 10 ml

2,77 EUR
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