Fluffy cream for everything from the Winter Forest

30 min
Fluffy cream for everything from the Winter Forest
Light, fluffy like a cloud, yet incredibly nourishing, with a divinely soft and creamy consistency - this is our luxurious (and not only) winter cream for everything, which will delight the skin of the whole body, dry hands, rough elbows and sensitive facial skin.More information
Ingredients for this recipe30g of tea tree hydrolate2g of vegetable glycerin2g of hydrolyzed oat protein1g of panthenol10g of cupuacu butter5g of argan oil5g of Olivem 10003g of cetearyl alcohol1g of colloidal oat powder0.5-1g of CosgardA drop of vitamin E
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Cream for everything and everyone

Although the cream is dense and really rich, it absorbs surprisingly quickly. So if you're sick of sticky hands or a greasy screen on your phone and everything else your creamed skin touches, this miracle is for you. The delicate scent of tea tree conquers members of both sexes, and for its universal use and quick dose of softness and hydration, it is also suitable for enthusiastic travelers or people who are always in a hurry.

The joy of making and giving away

In short, you just have to make our cream from the Winter Forest series! :) For yourself, as a gift for your loved ones for Christmas or as a great helper in the cold months. It is mixed in a few minutes, even complete cosmetic beginners can handle the creation, and all you need is a water bath, a stick blender and a kitchen scale. So don't worry, you won't regret it!

Why these ingredients?

As the cream is part of our new Christmas series Winter Forest, we wanted a beautiful snow-white color, a fluffy consistency and a forest scent that both men and women would appreciate. The divine texture is created by the great natural Ecocert approved emulsifier Olivem 1000 derived from olive oil. In addition to lightness and softness, Olivem 1000 also ensures long-lasting hydration of the skin. We also added cetearyl alcohol to it, which softens and smooths the skin (which we will certainly appreciate in winter), and also stabilizes emulsions.

Gone are dry patches, irritation, pimples and itching

The winter forest scent is provided by tea tree hydrolate, which we chose not only for the scent that brightens dark days, but also for its ability to prevent itching and irritation of the skin, which cold and frost often cause. If you are also troubled by the increased formation of eczema and pimples in the winter (you are not alone :)), tea tree will also help with these ailments. The scent of tea tree in the cream is enough for us, but if you want to go wild and smell the cream even more, we recommend reaching for other "tree" scents, such as pine or cypress, which will accompany us throughout the winter series. But before using essential oils in the formulation, carefully consider whether you are making the cream with the purpose of using it on everything - including the face. The sensitive skin of the face, especially around the eyes and lips, does not get along well with strong essential oils, therefore, if you want to apply the cream to these areas as well, we advise you to leave the scent only to tea tree hydrolate.

In the battle against cold-dried skin, we also called our winter favorites - the absolutely unbeatable cupuacu butter, which can handle any irritation and damage to the skin without leaving it greasy, and everyone's beloved argan oil. Hydrating and firming panthenol, which soothes possible winter itching, protective and soothing oat protein, which gives the skin softness and elasticity, and moisturizing and anti-pimple, eczema and wrinkle-fighting colloidal oat powder. Ready-made winter gear, what do you say?

What does it take?

- 45 grams of distilled water

- 30 grams of tea tree hydrolate

- 2 grams of vegetable glycerin

- 2 grams of hydrolyzed oat protein

- 1 gram of panthenol

- 10 grams of cupuacu butter

- 5 grams of (deodorized) argan oil

- 5 grams of Olivem 1000

- 3 grams of cetearyl alcohol

- 1 gram of colloidal oat powder

- 0.5-1 gram of Cosgard

- A drop of vitamin E

How to do it?

Prepare a water bath.

Weigh out the water, hydrosol, glycerin, oat protein and panthenol into a smaller heatproof container (mason jars work great!) – this is our water phase. Weigh out the oil phase, which consists of oil, butter, Olivem 1000 and cetearyl alcohol, into another, larger and ideally higher container. Place both containers in a water bath, keeping the temperature rather low.

After about a quarter to half an hour, everything should be dissolved in the oil phase, if not, wait until everything is pretty liquid. Then remove both phases from the water bath. Mix the colloidal oat powder into the container with the water phase, where there is water, hydrolate, glycerin, protein and panthenol.

Add the water phase to the oil phase and mix well with a silicone spatula. Then reach for a hand mixer and mix carefully. At first, use a rather short pulse to keep the hot oil and butter from tornadoing out of the bowl and splattering everything, including you. :) Mix for about three to four minutes, then let it stand for a few minutes and mix again. Repeat this until the jar (and therefore the product in it) has cooled.

When the product is beautifully creamy and thick, mix in vitamin E and the Cosgard preservative. Then transfer the cream to the chosen container - it will look good in glass, tube and aluminum.

The cream contains water, so definitely use Cosgard or another broad spectrum preservative. Vitamin E will protect the oils from rancidity. The shelf life of the product depends on many factors, but especially on how clean the environment is and how washed the utensils are, if possible disinfect everything well before production. However, keep in mind that our kitchen is not a sterile laboratory, so check the product and as soon as you notice any change in color, smell or texture, discard it mercilessly. If you decide to give the cream as a gift for Christmas or other occasions, we recommend making it at least a month in advance so that the lucky recipient can enjoy it properly. :)

I want to make this but I don't have the ingredients that are in the recipe!

You can, of course, replace the tea tree hydrolat with another popular flower water or distilled water. If you use distilled water, you should take into account that the cream will not smell.

Oat protein will stand in for any other hydrolyzed protein or liquid silk.

If you don't have Olivem 1000, you can try emulsifying wax NF or BTMS. But expect a less delicate texture.

You can use pretty much any other favorite liquid oil instead of argan oil.

Cupuacu butter can be replaced with mango butter, shea butter or almond butter.

In this concentration, cetyl alcohol will also work instead of cetearyl alcohol. Alternatively, cetearyl / cetyl alcohol can be replaced with vegetable butter, but the resulting product will not be as dense.

Are you planning to make gifts for Christmas?

Raw materials
30g of tea tree hydrolate
2g of vegetable glycerin
2g of hydrolyzed oat protein
1g of panthenol
10g of cupuacu butter
5g of argan oil
Argan oil, 50 ml

Argan oil, 50 ml

6,80 EUR
5g of Olivem 1000
3g of cetearyl alcohol
1g of colloidal oat powder
0.5-1g of Cosgard
Cosgard, 10 ml

Cosgard, 10 ml

2,64 EUR
A drop of vitamin E
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