Cream eyeshadows/liners

Cream eyeshadows/liners
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Ingredients for this recipeJojoba waxApricot oilOlive butterNatural caffeineLiquid silkColor oxideTitanium dioxideGlycerinMica powderCup
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I wish everyone a beautiful Green Thursday! I bring you an Ekokozi recipe for April - and although the weather is terrible, I still decided to welcome spring with some colors; after all, lately I've been trying to make decorative cosmetics, and eyeshadow/liner/in the right color combination and blush are just a logical continuation of the concealer and BeeBee cream line. But if you are not a fan of colors, adapt them to your own taste - according to this recipe, you can also mix a light foundation on the eyelid or, on the contrary, jet black lines; natural ingredients are a matter of course, and the perfect consistency and durability are a bonus.

If you already know how it goes around here, it is clear to you that with a new recipe comes a new oil - and this time the choice fell on apricot oil.

What will be needed?

- Wax - e.g. jojoba, almond

- Apricot oil

- Olive butter

- Natural caffeine - doesn't have to be

- Liquid silk - doesn't have to be

- Color oxide of your choice

- Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, if you want to achieve a softer shade

- Glycerin - it doesn't have to be, I did some shadows with it and some without it; the effect can be seen in the intensity of the color

- Mica powder - it doesn't have to be, mica powder can add shine to the shadows

- Cup for finished shadows

How to do it?

Again, it's nothing complicated, just be careful that this recipe is based on weight, not ratio; the indicated quantities plus or minus will give you the volume of the Ekokoza cup in which I keep the shadows.

First dissolve 4g of wax, 2g of butter and 3g of oil in a water bath. Since I was creating the recipe in my dorm, laziness won and I discovered that the soft butter and wax can be heated in a fake water bath - a kettle was enough for me. :) Allow the mixture to cool slightly. If you use natural caffeine and liquid silk (the reasons why it is good to incorporate these two items, I will give below), add about 1g of silk and crush a pinch of caffeine between your fingers - its total amount in the mixture should not exceed 2%. Mix everything - you currently have an eyeshadow base, you can continue with one color or split the base.

Transfer the foundation to a flat plate or bowl (ideally pre-treated with grapefruit extract for perfect cleanliness), where you can get away enough - to make the shadows perfectly homogeneous, you will rub the powder and the foundation together. The aim is to provide enough dry mixture that the shadow cannot absorb any more powder - with a lower content of the dry component, the shadow would be greasy, it would sink into wrinkles and its pigmentation would be poor, regardless of the fact that the color application would be uneven.

For the given amount of base, I used 6g of color oxide and 7g of white base for the purple shade - it's up to you, of course, which colors you choose, and for rich, non-pastel colors, you can omit the titanium dioxide altogether. I also added approx. 1g of shiny mica powder, which is only slightly noticeable. I generally prefer more matte shadows; if you are a fan of shiny ones, don't be afraid to add a generous amount of powder. However, I recommend adding the powders gradually, on the one hand to control the shade, and on the other hand, my ingredients may absorb differently than yours. If you also have glycerin available, add approx. 2g to the mixture. "Wipe" everything perfectly and transfer the shadow with a knife into the prepared cup.

In the end, you just have to win with the label and voila, the shade according to your taste is in the world!

I created purple and pink for simple reasons - I like pink shadows with my mostly green (it likes to change during the day) eye color, but finding the right one is difficult. If you buy a pastel pink, it looks white to the eye. If you buy a darker pink, it is already too sharp and almost purple. On top of that, they usually contain glitter, which I don't need. I have purple fixed as a color that suits my eyes, but it seems to me that it suits almost any iris. Again, I wanted a shade that wasn't dark (which, given my art, makes me look like I've lost a fight in the ring) and wasn't too chalky.

I prefer the creamy consistency; on the one hand, I'm impossible with brushes, on the other hand, they make nice lines better, which I immediately fell in love with the color purple.

Because of how it's cloudy outside all day, I took pictures with the flash; the pink in the photo is adequate to mine, however the purple is more purple than it looks in the photo.

As for the addition of caffeine and silk, they can take shadows to the next level. The caring base already takes care of the lid, however, the caffeine will strengthen the sensitive delicate skin, which will be appreciated especially by those of us who already reach for anti-aging creams (TIP: if you use an eye concealer, add caffeine as well). Liquid silk is both an antioxidant, which should extend the life of the product, and also helps the shadows to apply more smoothly and have a better texture. You don't have to worry about it being water-based, while the rest of the ingredients are oil-based; the dry ingredient will take care of that.

Same problem; in reality, the shadows are slightly more saturated.

If you're wondering how the staying power is, I can't complain. I have mixed the shadows for a while, but they have already survived the test of bulging and power yoga, and the same application of shadows, please. If you plan to apply them all over the lid, which I do with the pinks, set them slightly with a translucent powder so they don't blend in the crease; of course, powdering will also extend their duration. You need an absolutely minimal amount of shadow to apply, one cup will last you a really long time.

Raw materials
Jojoba wax
Jojoba wax, 50 g

Jojoba wax, 50 g

4,78 EUR
Apricot oil
Olive butter
Natural caffeine
Liquid silk
Titanium dioxide
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