A simple roll-on for pimples of all kinds

A simple roll-on for pimples of all kinds
Today's recipe will be an atypical oil-free roll-on. If we don't count the tea tree oil, which must not be missing in any anti-pimple package, it will also serve as a repellant for pimples or help you with nasty dandruff.More information
Ingredients for this recipeAloe vera gelFairy waterTea tree essential oilLavender essential oilVitamin ERoll-on packaging
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To me personally, it also smells like that, don't be weird, I put it on myself instead of perfume. But to the point. The instructions are extremely simple, you will only need 4 ingredients - and I guarantee you that the drugstore roll-ons full of ingredients that no one but PhD students from VŠCHT understand, won't even match yours!

What will be needed?

- Aloe vera gel

- Fairy or lavender water

- Tea tree essential oil

- Lavender essential oil

- Or vitamin E

- Mug in the shape of a donkey

- Roll-on packaging

How to do it?

Sometimes it seems to me that I post the instructions more and more easily - but maybe that's a good thing, I still get emails that people are afraid to start, but no one is scared of this one!

You only need to mix aloe vera gel with witch hazel or lavender water in a ratio of 1:6 to get a bomb foundation against pimples. Aloe vera gel and lavender or fairy water soothe the skin, the water also has antiseptic effects.

TIP: By the way, when you run out of water, and you've had enough, get a spray bottle - I have this one - and carry it around in your purse. In this heat, there is nothing better than splashing refreshing lavender water on your face, neck, décolleté, and when the situation allows, just about everywhere.

Add tea tree oil and lavender. As I always encourage you not to overdo it, you don't have to watch every drop here, after all, we are trying for a more concentrated preparation intended for local use. When I have something really beautiful on my face, I'm not afraid to use pure tea tree oil, and it hasn't eaten me up yet. I added about 10 drops of tea tree and lavender essential oil.

Tea tree contributes to faster healing of the pimple, reduces its swelling and shrinks, lavender relieves the skin and ensures that not a trace of the pimple remains. In addition, it smells sooooo good and acts like a balm for the nerves, which is useful in the summer on public transport.

If you also have vitamin E on hand, definitely add a drop or two - it will relieve skin dryness and speed up healing even more.

Now all you have to do is mix the gel, pour it through a funnel into the bottle, place it on the shelf above the sink and wait for its moment to come.

Maybe you'll even look forward to seeing a monster appear.

Raw materials
Tea tree essential oil
Tea tree, 10 ml

Tea tree, 10 ml

3,03 EUR
Lavender essential oil
Vitamin E
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