A magical foaming dust made from luxurious plant powders

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A magical foaming dust made from luxurious plant powders
Fragrant powder that, after contact with water, turns into a soft and creamy foam that gently cleanses the skin. Blended from luxurious plant powders, white clay and a drop of jojoba oil.More information
Ingredients for this recipe32g of white clay10g of SLSa6g of oat silk3g of damask rose powder3g of sandalwood powder3g of lotus flower powder3g of water-soluble jojoba oilPaper packaging 100ml
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The season of Advent is permeated with (self) love and care, which in themselves are a bit of a luxury that we don't allow ourselves so much during the year. At Christmas time, many wishes are magically fulfilled and miracles happen. We wanted to mix everything up in the new tutorial. And it worked. We've created a tutorial for something we don't have here yet. For something that magically turns powder into foam. Which carries the special spirit of Christmas and a touch of luxury. It only takes a few minutes to make, so you can enjoy your time with your loved ones and not have to clean the entire kitchen. And the result is so beautiful that you can proudly present it to yourself and those you love.

Today we are mixing the Magic Skin Cleansing Powder from luxurious plant powders. The whole thing is actually extremely simple, but you know, it is in simplicity that often surprising beauty is hidden. We mix clay, several types of finely ground and wonderfully fragrant plants and oat silk, add foaming powder, a drop of oil, and that's it. The miraculous thing about this powder is that we can vary its composition according to what we have at hand and what is good for us or those for whom we produce it.

The basis of the powder is white kaolin, i.e. fine clay, which rids the skin of impurities and at the same time supplies it with minerals. White clay is also a good substitute for zeolite. Other clays, such as Moroccan clay or bentonite, would be better avoided here, as they are much coarser and rougher.

But the greatest pleasure for all the senses and the skin is conjured by a carefully selected combination of finely ground plants; romantic damask rose, sacred precious sandalwood, harmonizing and regenerating lotus. They go together beautifully, mix wonderfully and add a soft, unobtrusive scent. Thanks to the fact that all the powders are perfectly ground, they do not injure the skin and do not act aggressively, although they clean the skin slightly.

Miraculously, the dust turns into a soft foam with the help of SLS, a mild surfactant that is very well tolerated by even the most delicate skin, from which it gently removes sebum and impurities without irritating it. SLSa will also help wash the product off the skin and ensure that clay or ground plants don't settle unsightly on the sink.

We will add healing power and balance all cleaning abilities with milk oat silk, which will soothe any irritation and caress winter-dry or cracked skin. A drop of water-soluble jojoba oil keeps the powders from swirling around the bathroom when the can is opened, while adding richness and nourishment.

We just mix everything in a mortar or coffee grinder intended for the production of homemade cosmetics. And then all you have to do is pour a pinch of magical dust into your palms, add a drop of water, knead, inhale the soothing aroma and clean your skin with loving circular movements. So what are we waiting for? :)

What does it take?

- 32 grams of white clay

- 10 grams of SLSa

- 6 grams of oat silk

- 3 grams of damask rose powder

- 3 grams of sandalwood powder

- 3 grams of lotus flower powder

- 3 grams of water-soluble jojoba oil

How to do it?

Grab one of your masks and put it over your face to protect your airways from possible inhalation of the swirled powders - we don't want that.

Reach for a mortar, a grinder or a mixing bowl and weigh all the ingredients into a container. Knead and mix everything patiently and well. Make sure that the oil, which may have formed a lump at first, "unsticks" and gets everywhere in the mixture.

When the mixture is beautifully uniform, transfer it to the chosen jars. Magic wax looks great in paper packaging. For 60 grams of dust created, you will need 100 gram cans, such as these. A paper strainer will also work perfectly. If you want to add dust, you can also reach for the elegant black, taller packaging, which just fits a third of the mixed dose (20g).

How to use it?

Sprinkle about half a teaspoon of powder into the palm of your hand with a little water (be careful not to let water and moisture get into the powder in the jar). Create a soft creamy foam in your palms, massage the foam into the skin on the face and décolleté with circular movements, wash off or wipe with a cloth and continue with the products you normally use.

The magic dust is so fine that you can use it every day with peace of mind. But always listen to your skin, especially if it is sensitive, and adjust the frequency of use.

I want to make this but I don't have all the ingredients!

As always, keep in mind that any change will also change the result, and the product may look and perform differently than ours.

The amount of the mentioned recipe is based on 60 grams of dust, which fits into a 100ml can. You simply reduce or multiply the quantity to make as many miracles as you need.

Zeolite can be used instead of white clay. However, we do not recommend other clays here.

If you don't have damask rose powder, try grinding the dried rose petals perfectly yourself. Try other dried ground herbs and their powders. You get different colors, abilities and roughness.

SCI can be used instead of SLS, but it is in the form of small noodles. So it will need to be ground first.

Classic jojoba oil can also be used or go for another oil that you like. But choose those that are not prone to rancidity.

If you want the dust more fragrant, you can add your favorite essential oil. Dose up to 0.5% of the total weight of the final product and first disperse it in jojoba oil before adding to the powders.

Raw materials
32g of white clay
10g of SLSa
6g of oat silk
3g of damask rose powder
3g of sandalwood powder
3g of lotus flower powder
3g of water-soluble jojoba oil
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